Building a HQL IDE for Apache Hive

My new team ( works on making Windows Server & Windows Azure the best environment for hosting Hadoop.   As one my new challenges, I’ve been tasked with building an editor / job manager to Apache Hive. Seen below is my first draft at providing a terminal for running and saving Hive Jobs using HQL….


Async extension methods for OData Windows 8 client library

If you’re writing Windows Store applications and want to use the async goodness that the platform allows with your OData client applications, take a look at these extension methods that allow you to use the await and async keywords in your apps. Some useful links WCF Data Services Tools for Windows Store Apps RC Visual…


Upcoming edits to the OData Explorer.

This blog post outlines some key changes to the OData Explorer which should be published soon. Take a look below and let me know what you think.The overall theme is simplicity , we’ve removed a lot of superfluous cruft in the UI . Also, moving to OData Library and Edm Library has helped me get…


Bookmarklet to customize Facebook buttons

What is it ?  This bookmarklet is a simple javascript function that changes the contents of standard buttons on changes the “Like” button content to be “Can you Dig it?”, unlike to “Stop Digging it”, and Comment to “Holler!” How do I install this bookmarklet ?  Step 1 : Right-click this link and select…


Developing Windows 8 Metro style applications that consume OData

The Source code for the sample app is available here ( Download ) You’ll need : 1. Windows 8 Consumer preview and developer tools 2. OData Client library preview for Windows 8 Metro ( Update: Visual Studio 2012 RC has been released and contains an updated version of these assemblies, along with fully-integrated support for Add Service…