OData Explorer updated to SL4 RTM

  1. Install Silverlight 4 RTM
  2. Explore the latest OData Explorer release.

As part of the update, we fixed a couple of bugs and added a couple of more features.
Here’s a rundown of the new features we added .

  1.Sorting           2.Projections
Sort_Support Projections_Support
3.Integration with Public Live OData Service list from OData.org                  4.Better debugging for Service errors :
Public_Services_Integration better_Error_messages

Comments (2)
  1. Paul says:

    Where can i download this new updated version ?

  2. Hi Paul,

    The online version can be browsed to at the URL :  http://Silverlight.net/ODataExplorer . We are working on scrubbing up the sources and once we are done, the sources should be available at the OData.org site. I’ll update this blog post when the new sources are public.

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