Add Windows Live Messenger to your website/blog to chat with your Visitors

Ok , this has to be the coolest thing ever !!
Angus just announced this over on his blog , you can   now add a web version of the windows Live Communicator to your blog / website.
You can find details about how to set this up on his blog .

Re-sizing the IM Control .

The markup to be added to your blog contains the width and the height specified as 300 px.
You can modify the Width and  the height  of the IM control by changing the parameters high lighted below.

<iframe src=";lt;ID>" 
width="275" height="300" 
style="border: solid 1px black; width: 275px; height: 300px;" 

Don't resize width to be less than 275 px , the Captcha won't be fully visible , making the control useless!!

Check out the IM control on my blog , leave me a ping if visiting and needed a quick question answered.

Once again , Angus , this is amazing work , hats off !!!

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