MVP Summit presentation on async

Lucian Wischik and I presented an “async clinic” at the MVP Summit in Bellevue this week.  The async/await keywords in C# and Visual Basic drastically simplify asynchronous programming, but that of course doesn’t mean that using them is without any gotchas: the goal of the discussion was to highlight some of the key areas in which we see… Read more

Parallelism BUILD talks available on Channel9

Thanks to everyone who attended my two talks at BUILD this past week, and I hope you enjoyed the sessions!  For those of you unable to attend in person, the recordings of the talks are now available on Channel9: Building parallelized apps with .NET and Visual Studio The zen of async: Best practices for best… Read more

Presentation on TPL Dataflow in financial applications

Matt Davey from Lab49 presented at the Waters North American Trading Architecture Summit April 2011 on using TPL Dataflow in trading solutions.  You can see his slide deck at It’s awesome to see the technology being used effectively to help build these kinds of applications…. Read more

Upcoming NYC user group presentation on Parallel Programming

I’m going to be in Manhattan on June 29th, and while there I’ll be presenting to a joint meeting of the NYC .NET Developer’s Group and the New York ALT.NET Group on parallel programming with .NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010.  Details are available here, and I’ll look forward to seeing you there! Thanks!Stephen… Read more

Parallel Computing at TechEd North America 2010

Are you attending TechEd in New Orleans this week?  If so, check out the multitude of parallel computing-related breakout sessions, including: DEV314 | Manycore and the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 DEV317 | Profiling and Debugging Parallel Code with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 DEV408 | Task Parallel Library: Design Principles and Best… Read more

Parallel Computing Sessions at the Visual Studio 2010 Launch

Thanks to everyone who attended our three breakout sessions at the Visual Studio 2010 Launch and DevConnections conference this week in Las Vegas.  Attached to this blog post are the slide decks that were presented at the talks.  The code from the talks is available either as part of our Parallel Programming in .NET 4 samples… Read more

PDC09 Parallelism Session Videos Now Available

Attendees at PDC09 this past week were privy to quite a few sessions on parallel computing.  Now that the videos of these sessions are online, you can view them as well from the comfort of your own home.  Here are some of the key parallelism-related sessions from this past week: Overview The State of Parallel… Read more

Scaling out PLINQ: DryadLINQ at PDC09 and Supercomputing09

PLINQ enables developers to scale up computations in order to leverage the multiple cores available in modern hardware. For many problem domains, this is quite useful and sufficient. What happens, however, when a workload being processed is so big that even a manycore machine is insufficient to adequately handle the load? This can be the… Read more