Parallelism Videos Galore

It’s been a hectic and exciting few weeks, and we on the Parallel Computing Platform team have been having a great time talking with customers all over the world, at the PDC, at TechEd EMEA, at DevConnections, through Channel 9, and more.  A lot of the resulting material is now available online for viewing, so… Read more

The Channel 9 videos are rolling in…

Several more Channel 9 videos on parallelism have been posted in the last few days… Parallel Computing Platform: Overview and Future Directions Parallel Computing Platform: Asynchronous Agents for Native Code Rahul Patil: Complexities of Testing Concurrency This is in addition to the videos mentioned a few days ago here.  Much thanks to Charles for all… Read more

Webcasts on Parallelism from France

A few months back, Keith Yedlin and Steve Teixeira from the Parallel Computing Platform team were in France visiting with customers.  While there, they presented on our parallelism efforts, and with the help of the great team from Microsoft France, this presentation is now available online as a series of webcasts (the titles are all… Read more

Parallel Extensions Demo Fun on Channel 9

When I was at TechEd 2008 Developer last week, I met up with the great Dan Fernandez from Channel 9 to show off Parallel Extensions and to demonstrate some of the sample applications included with our June 2008 CTP.  The cameras were at the ready, so you can see the demonstrations, too: Thanks, Dan!… Read more

More Channel 9 Parallel Extensions Goodness

Charles from Channel 9 came over to building 112 last week for an in-depth look at what’s new in the June 2008 CTP of Parallel Extensions.  We spoke on the subject for an hour and a half or so, which you can see in a two-part series that was posted to Channel 9 yesterday (by… Read more

New PLINQ video on Channel 9

Igor and Joe from our Parallel Extensions team sat down with Charles from Channel 9 to discuss the inner workings of PLINQ.  The video of the conversation is now available at “Continuing our exploration of the Parallel Computing Platform and the folks who think it up and build it, we sit down with software… Read more

Task Parallel Library on Channel 9

Charles from Channel 9 sat down with several of us from the Parallel Computing Platform team to discuss the Task Parallel Library component of Parallel Extensions. A video of the conversation is now available on Channel9: We hope you like it, and as always, feedback is welcome and appreciated!… Read more

Burton Smith on Channel 9

Burton Smith is a Technical Fellow at Microsoft and an industry leader in the fields of parallel and high-performance computing.  As part of a new video series we’ve kicked off, the folks at Channel 9 have posted a terrific hour-long interview with Burton about the past, present, and future of parallel computing.  Definitely check it… Read more

Parallel Extensions on .NET Rocks

Joe Duffy, our dev lead, appeared on the 12/25/07 edition of .NET Rocks!, speaking about Parallel Extensions and the Task Parallel Library: “Carl and Richard talk to Microsoft’s Joe Duffy about the Task Parallel Library, which promises to make multi-threaded programming easier for us all.” Enjoy!… Read more