New Feature? :: Delayed cancellation

  We’re interested in adding support for scheduling cancellation.  For example:   // Create a token source that will Cancel() after a delay var cts = new CancellationTokenSource(TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(100)); // And/or schedule a Cancel() call cts.CancelAfter(TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(100)); We’ve heard from many folks that this is a desired feature and have found good uses for it ourselves.  Interestingly,… Read more

New Feature? :: ThreadLocal<T>.Values

We’ve been considering adding a Values property to System.Threading.ThreadLocal<T>.  Values would return a collection of all current values from all threads (e.g. what you’d get if you evaluated Value from each thread).  This would allow for easy aggregations, and in fact in our Parallel Extensions Extras we have a wrapper around ThreadLocal<T> called ReducationVariable<T> that… Read more

Creating pre-completed Tasks

  We’ve been considering adding support for creating completed Tasks from an existing result.  Here’s a prototypical example of where this could be valuable.   void Task<float> ComputeAsync(…) {     if (!resultIsCached)     {         return Task<float>.Factory.StartNew(() => Compute());     }     else     {         // return a Task<float> with the cached result    … Read more

DryadLinq now available also for non-academic use

Several months ago, Microsoft announced for academic customers the availability of DryadLINQ.  DryadLINQ is a LINQ provider developed by Microsoft Research that enables  .NET developers to use the LINQ programming model for writing distributed queries and computations against a cluster of computers using Windows HPC Server. DryadLINQ enables developers to harness and tame the distributed… Read more

Feedback requested: Enumerating Concurrent Collections

The June 2008 CTP of Parallel Extensions contained a first look at some of the work we’re doing to augment the .NET Framework with a set of additional coordination data structures that aid in the development of highly concurrent applications.  This included two thread-safe collections, ConcurrentQueue<T> and ConcurrentStack<T>, and it’s probably not giving away too… Read more

Feedback requested: TaskManager shutdown, Fair scheduling

One of the primary reasons we’ve released CTPs of Parallel Extensions is to solicit feedback on the design and functionality it provides.  Does it provide all of the APIs you need to get your job done?  Are there scenarios you wished the APIs supported and that you need to work around in klunky ways?  And… Read more