Pre-Convergence Week of Podcasts

The Premier Field Engineering for Dynamics team is doing a week of podcasts to get you ready for Convergence 2011 next week in Atlanta.  Each of the sessions this week are regarding topics our team will be presenting on next week.  Feel free to join in if you can or check out the recordings after we’re done:

Date & Time (all times CT)
Mon, Apr 4 @ 4:00pm
Sean McNellis
Tue, Apr 5 @ 1:00pm
Michael DeVoe
Wed, Apr 6 @ 2:30pm
Terry Blaser
Thu, Apr 7 @ 11:00am
Jeff Thompson
Fri, Apr 8 @ 1:30pm
Tracy Lura

To see any of our previous podcasts, click on the BlogTalkRadio widget on the left side of our homepage.

If you have any questions or want more information on these topics, drop us a line at

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