What does it mean to have a Microsoft Dynamics® Dedicated Support Engineer?

The Microsoft Services Premier support offering is structured hourly as it relates to Dedicated Support Engineers (DSE). To expand on the DSE, the PFE Dynamics team has created a Dedicated Support Engineer Packages document illustrating example scenarios around the value and types of Microsoft Dynamics services customers can expect from a Dynamics DSE and how customer needs correlate to hours. When reviewing the example scenarios, you’ll notice Dynamics PFEs perform service delivery planning as it relates to the Dynamics implementation and are experienced in delivering on proactive services ranging from infrastructure design, deployment health, performance, upgrade assistance & planning.

Keep in mind the Microsoft Dynamics DSE examples are just that, examples. The scenarios will continue to evolve with our customers and we are happy to talk with you or assist with additional customer-specific details. Contact us at PFEDynamics@microsoft.com.

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