Performance Review

With the Performance Review for Microsoft Dynamics, Premier Field Engineers perform a detailed review of a company’s system performance in order to optimize the performance of the application.  This service is done anytime during the implementation to ensure performance optimization.  The service can be performed onsite or remotely and is available for Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM, Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV and Dynamics SL. 

The Performance Review can be either a proactive service or a reactive service.  If a company is anticipating a busy season, a Performance Review is a great proactive way to ensure a company’s application is optimized and able to handle the extra stress.  If a company is experiencing poor performance and need to alleviate bottlenecks, the Performance Review is a great reactive service to get those issues taken care. 

Three Ways a Performance Review Can Help

  • Provide noticeable application performance improvements which help with user adoption and increase staff efficiency
  • Determine root cause for performance bottlenecks and assist in the resolution
  • Provide awareness for contributors to poor performance and suggestions to keep these events from reoccurring

 Our Process

The first step in the Performance Review is to understand and pinpoint the exact problems a customer is having.  Engineers review the customer’s hardware infrastructure and server layout, looking at the performance of those server components to make sure the performance issues are not hardware related or due to a poorly configured system. 

Next, the Premier Field Engineer installs tools to help monitor the performance of the system.  This toolset will gather information about the customer’s system, searching for bottlenecks and other issues that could be hindering their system from performing at its optimal level.  The toolset will monitor the system during normal business operations in order to gather usage information under a typical load. 

After the data has been collected from the system, the Premier Field Engineer will review and highlight those issues that pose the biggest risk to the system.  Engineers then provide suggested resolutions for issues in order of importance. The resolution will consist of changes to the system configuration, SQL queries or SQL indexes that may need to be changed.  Additionally, there may be functionality versus performance trade-offs that need to be discussed. 

The deliverables for this service consist of two elements – the first will be queries which can be used to improve performance right away.  These will be queries that create additional indexes or modify existing indexes or suggested changes to existing queries.  The second component will be a deliverable document which outlines the recommended changes to the system to achieve optimal performance. 

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