Site update July 2010 (aka – Where are all of your posts?)

If you have visited my blog anytime in the last 2 imageweeks
– you may have noticed an error page.  This was due to my hosting provider “accidentally”
deleting my site’s database.  This was actually a perfect storm of sorts. 
All three of these things happened within the past few weeks:

  • I had recently repaved my main machine and decided to wipe out my database backups. 
    I figured I would just get a fresh backup afterwards.
  • With some recent travel for work, I did not have a chance to get those database backups.
  • The hosting company did not have a backup of the database they deleted.

All three of these extenuating circumstances led to this site being in a sorry state
of repair. 

Fortunately, all is not entirely lost as both Bing and Google have
cached copies of most of my posts but it leaves me in a quandary on if I should bother
reposting everything from the past four years or if I should just start fresh.  
For now, I’ve decided to repost only those blog entries that had more than 1,000 views. 
That said, if you remember a blog entry and it hasn’t been reposted, please send me
a message at greg [at] samuraiprogrammer dot com and I will get it reposted.

Please enjoy the new site. 


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