Just a quick note about the team that is doing the blogging!

We are a group of engineers that do onsite support of Microsoft customers that are developing applications (internal to their company and ones that are shipped externally) that are based on Microsoft technologies.  This means a lot of debugging and troubleshooting. We are actually the team that is responsible that owns the Advanced Win32 Debugging and Advanced .NET Debugging courses that are taught to Microsoft's Premier Customers.

In posts on this blog we hope to share some of those experiences with the community to hopefully make things easier for others out there.  This will be a team effort so we will be introducing bloggers as they make their debut!

Since I am kicking off this post I will do my obligatory introduction.  My name is Zach Kramer.  I have been at Microsoft for about 6 years and on the PFE team for the past 2 years.  I focus on C++, ASP.NET, Visual Studio and other developer products.  I spend a lot of time debugging issues and I am an instructor both of the debug courses.  I have worked with customers all over the US and even some in Europe.  I will be following this up with a couple of technical posts so it is not all just fluff. 😉


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