When should I use Analysis Services Tabular mode or Multi Dimensional mode?


After talking with several customers, I have got this question asked several times? Since Analysis Services has different modes, customers seems confused about when to use which mode. I will give short answer and guideline for initial start and I will discuss this topic in later posts.

When should I use Analysis Services Tabular Mode or Multi Dimensional Mode?

First of all, You should keep in mind that ,there is no one option here. It is not like black or white. In most of cases, you can use both of them. I just wanted to share following documents to give you good initial guideline when to consider which mode. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Comparing Tabular and Multidimensional Solutions (SSAS)


Choosing a Tabular or Multidimensional Modeling Experience in SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services






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  1. KS says:

    Thanks for providing no pertinent information

  2. KS +1 says:

    Just wanted to up vote what KS stated.

  3. KS + 2 says:

    KS, you summed up that article well. I am surprised that the article does reference http://www.microsoft.com or even http://www.google.com as sources of information.

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