I’ve been style sheet hacking again

My last post ran into a hard-coded width in the winter style.  I like the style, but i wanted the text to be full screen.  Hopefully the style-sheet override i put in will work.  If it doens’t let me know in this topic and i’ll try to figure it out.


Beta version of Windows Live Writer is available

There’s a new beta of WLW available.  I used the previous version for the few posts that I did make and it was very useful. The easiest way to try this version out is to post something, so here’s a picture of what my mornings are like these days (at least i think this was…



Perhaps I’m just out of ideas, but I’ve decided to write about my coding style. Coding style is usually a very personal thing, like any writing style.  And as it usually causes some to foam at the mouth when brought up, I also wanted to put out this little disclaimer before I start.  You may…


Don’t trip over the skin change

I finally got back to my blog after coming back from vacation (two week drive down to disneyland with the wife … lots of fun) and noticed that the CSS overrides I’d done looked even worse than before.   However they also loaded a lot of new skins into MSDN blogs, so I picked…


Thanks for a good WinHEC 2006

If i said that I wasn’t happy WinHEC is over i’d be lying.  But not by much – I had a very good time this year.  I had a number of very interesting discussions with people – about how to use UMDF for their projects, about general kernel-mode programming questions, and even a few enjoyable ones…


I hope the new look works okay

I was playing around with the CSS override stuff today.  I hope i haven’t blinded anyone.


I’m playing with the skins

So if this looks different each time you check the web page, please bear with me.  I’m having trouble finding a skin that i like.


Who am I?

I’ve been trying to find time to start a blog for a while now.  I figure the first question i’ll be asked is “who are you and why should I care?”.  Like all things the answer to that isn’t particularly easy. If you’re not interested in driver development, then you probably don’t care & should…