Pedantic Coder: Hungarian Notation

I generally dislike Hungarian Notation.  I particularly dislike what Wikipedia calls "System Hungarian", where the prefix indicates data type, as it adds almost no value for me.  I dislike the more semantically oriented form of Hungarian notation where the prefix implies some broader attribute (like "safety") because, though that does provide some value – I’m…



Perhaps I’m just out of ideas, but I’ve decided to write about my coding style. Coding style is usually a very personal thing, like any writing style.  And as it usually causes some to foam at the mouth when brought up, I also wanted to put out this little disclaimer before I start.  You may…


Pedantic Coder : Where do braces go?

I’ve become rather pedantic about my coding style over the years.  I’ve worked in a number of people’s code, and have always felt most comfortable in the core NT code because of the consistency of formatting, naming, etc…  This is a coding style that we often call "Cutler Normal Form" in deference to Dave Cutler….