New KMDF white-paper out on writing a bus driver

Penny Orwick has been working on a white paper that talks abut using KMDF to write a bus driver.  It’s been stalled waiting for us lazy developers to review it, but it finally came out last night:


Pedantic Coder: Hungarian Notation

I generally dislike Hungarian Notation.  I particularly dislike what Wikipedia calls "System Hungarian", where the prefix indicates data type, as it adds almost no value for me.  I dislike the more semantically oriented form of Hungarian notation where the prefix implies some broader attribute (like "safety") because, though that does provide some value – I’m…


I’ve been style sheet hacking again

My last post ran into a hard-coded width in the winter style.  I like the style, but i wanted the text to be full screen.  Hopefully the style-sheet override i put in will work.  If it doens’t let me know in this topic and i’ll try to figure it out.


Measuring DPC time

At the DDC this year we had some very useful “community forums”.  I generally come out of these feeling like I’ve been beaten with a sack of oranges, and this year was no exception.  But one question in particular struck my eye – someone was saying that MS didn’t provide any useful tools for figuring…


Beta version of Windows Live Writer is available

There’s a new beta of WLW available.  I used the previous version for the few posts that I did make and it was very useful. The easiest way to try this version out is to post something, so here’s a picture of what my mornings are like these days (at least i think this was…