WDK available in other languages

This is pretty cool, though my high-school french isn’t sufficient to appreciate it completely.  The WDK content on MSDN has been translated into multiple languages.  It’s a machine translation and to make up for the inconsistencies they do side-by-side english & other language.  It’s not as good as native documentation, but hopefully it will help…


Where is Peter

It’s been ages since I posted to my blog and I’m sorry about that.  I recently became a dad and it turns up that absorbs a lot of the free time I used to spend on my blog. I’m hoping to get back into things … so don’t remove me from your OPML files yet….


Catherine van Ingen is up on Channel 9

I used to work with Catherine back when i was on the storage team.  I learned a lot just watching Catherine do what she does.  I went to the taping of the interview and it was quite amusing.  I think this is definately worth the hour it takes to watch. https://channel9.msdn.com/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=316739   What do global…


WinHEC Day 2 – So Very Tired

I was up way to late last night and then decided to get up this morning for the keynotes.  And to make it somewhere by 8 i have to get up early since i’m not really functional in the mornings.  So it’s been a long day, but a good one.  Mark Russinovich gave a very…


WinHEC Day 1

One day and i’m done.  More or less.  All of the KMDF and UMDF talks were front-loaded into the conference so we were finished “talking” by 4:15.  Eliyas and I gave our talk this morning on what’s new in KMDF and UMDF.  It seemed to go pretty well, though it’s definately one of the least…


How do i figure out which host contains my driver?

Let’s say you’re luck enough to have more than one user-mode driver running on your system.  How would you figure out which is running your driver? Let’s take my laptop.  By luck i happen to have installed both the UMDF skeleton and echo drivers.  I’m interested in debugging the echo driver (the skeleton does almost…


How to enable USB selective suspend and system wake in the UMDF driver for a USB device

  Today’s guest blogger is Abhishek Ram.  Abhishek owns the PNP and Power Management code for UMDF now, and has been working on getting idle detection and wait-wake support into UMDF for a future release.  In the interim he spent some time looking at how to enable selective suspend and system wakeup in the current UMDF Fx2 sample.   …


My UMDF driver has some data – how do I get it to my app?

This came up as a question on NTDEV today. After I thought about it for a bit I realized it was actually a pretty good question. You’ve started writing your driver, or at least thinking about your driver. You know you’ll get some data back from the device and you need to get it to…


Do UMDF drivers require signing?

To quote from Rev. Lovejoy:   Shoo, short answer: “Yes” with an “If”, long answer “No” – with a “But.   There are two types of driver signing, which complicates the answer. As usual any answers I provide are probably vague and can be overridden by standard documentation. In this case the documentation…


Fixing the UMDF USB samples to install both on XP & Vista

UMDF’s content in the WDK contains a handful of examples for controlling a USB device. Unfortunately they only show how to do it on Vista. The problem was that WinUSB’s co-installer wasn’t added to the WDK until very late – too late for us to be able to change our samples to show how to…