Don’t trip over the skin change

I finally got back to my blog after coming back from vacation (two week drive down to disneyland with the wife … lots of fun) and noticed that the CSS overrides I'd done looked even worse than before.


However they also loaded a lot of new skins into MSDN blogs, so I picked a different one.


Expect the look to be in flux while I find one that I like.



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  1. gadit says:


    I read in the "Architecture of the User-Mode Driver Framework" document, that "Windows Logo Program and driver signing requirements for UMDF drivers are under development.".

    What does this mean, from a developer’s point of view?

    Will the driver I write won’t be signed (at least not in the near future), and the user will get an appropriate message, or do all UMDF drivers are accepted as "signed" by default, until the above will be completed?

    When is it supposed to be completed?


    Gadi Tunes

  2. PeterWieland says:

    Think of it as a typo.  Could you send me mail and let me know where you found this statement (was it in the DDK documentation or in a whitepaper) so we can get it fixed?

    Signing and Logo requirements apply to your UMDF driver like they would to any other driver.  If you’re trying to write a driver in a particular device class, the Logo requirements for that class apply.  

    As for signing – you should sign your drivers so that customers can identify that they haven’t been tampered with & so they know who is responsible for them.  If you choose not to sign them you’ll get the same "unsigned driver" popups that you would get for any other unsigned driver.

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