Windows Driver Kit Beta 2 is finally available

I got back from vacation today and went to to see
if the WDK beta was up yet, and i'm happy to say that it is. It's a fairly
large (2.3 GB) ISO image to download and i'm pulling it down now to make
sure it works okay.

Here are the steps i had to follow to get into the beta:

  1. Navigate to
    and sign in using your passport account (the passport link is at
    the top right of the web page).

  2. Go to the Available Programs
    page (there's a menu link on the left side of the window) and scroll
    down to find the Microsoft Windows Driver Kit (WDK) Beta Program entry
    then click on the Apply/ link.

  3. Decide if you agree with the terms and conditions. If you do then
    click on the I Agree button at the bottom of the screen.

  4. This should bring you to the Mandatory Surveys page. The
    Beta 2 Feedback survey is very, very short so you should just
    take it. If you want to skip it there's a link for that too, but I'm
    guessing that you'll be forced to take it by 6/15 if you want to keep
    access to the beta site (based on the web page content).

  5. Either way you'll end up at the web page for the WDK beta. There's
    nothing really on the page, but you can get the kit from the
    Downloads link in the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

  6. On the downloads page, choose the last item (WDK Beta 2). Downloading
    this requires that you install an ActiveX control, and the download
    will take a while. Once you're done you should be able to burn it
    to a DVD using your favorite tool, or use the
    Virtual CD-ROM tool
    to mount the image.
    from Microsoft.

    For purposes of this discussion, we'll assume you mount the ISO image
    (either with a DVD or VirtualCD) on z:.

  7. Open Z: and run Installer.exe. This will let you install the
    prerequisites and then the build environment and doc set. Install
    whatever other parts you see fit.

You should now have a kit installed which will let you build UMDF drivers
for use on Windows Vista (beta of XP support is on the way.) I'll talk
about getting started with that later.



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  1. mhhhm says:

    they have taken it offline?

    its not in this list anymore :~

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  8. Alex says:

    They’ve taken it out.

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