UMDF is almost available for play

I finished my talk on UMDF at WinHEC yesterday. It seems to have gone reasonably well, so I'm relieved about that. The bad news is that we couldn't make our beta support for XP available due to some internal logistical problems, but it's still on the horizon.

Even though the XP support isn't available, Vista Beta 2 was announced yesterday and it supports UMDF "in the box". I went online to try and find out from where one could download it but i've had little success. Here's what i've found:

  • MSDN members (Operating System level or higher) can download Vista Beta 2 from the MSDN web page. Otherwise you can register to be told when the beta will be more generally available. This is all from the Windows Vista page on MSDN.

  • I'm having a lot less luck figuring out where you would get the Windows Driver Kit (Beta 2) from. I'll probably have to grab one of the PM's this week while i'm at WinHEC and find out from them where to get it.
Hopefully i'll have some more helpful information about how to start using UMDF in a day or two.

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  1. dispensa says:

    If you’re signed up for the beta, it’s available on, along with the new SDK. I just finished downloading it a bit ago; 3 Gigs or so all in.

  2. PeterWieland says:

    I’ve gone up to connect and been unable to see anything but the WDK beta, which will let you download the Feb’06 CTP release but not the VistaB2 version.

    The WDK folks tell me that the wheels are in motion to get their content downloadable.  MSDN’s online documentation and the beta site will (hopefully) be updated within the next week.

  3. UMDFGroupie says:

    The UMDF docs contain a very tantalizing phrase about UMDF supporting devices that are "connected on the network".  But these sort of devices would have no PnP events (without a kernel mode driver), so how exactly am I supposed to create a device object for one of those ?

    In kernel mode, I believe I would call IoCreateDevice() and merrily pretend to have a real device. I don’t see an equivalent in the  UMDF.

    any thoughts ?


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