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Don’t trip over the skin change

I finally got back to my blog after coming back from vacation (two week drive down to disneyland with the wife … lots of fun) and noticed that the CSS overrides I’d done looked even worse than before.   However they also loaded a lot of new skins into MSDN blogs, so I picked…


Glossary Definition of "WDM"

I got looped into a discussion about the WDK glossary entry for “Windows Driver Model”. It got me thinking about how difficult it is to explain things in the driver space to non-driver folks.     When I was working in storage I used to have this problem all the time. Someone, usually a family…


Does Windows have a "Scheduler"

The question came up on the NTDEV mailing list a while back about how the “Scheduler” works in Windows … specifically about what thread it ran on and how it got control.     The answer is that you should ignore this idea that there’s a “scheduler” as an independent entity.  It doesn’t exist like…


Meet my boss

Nar’s talk on the NT I/O manager is now up on channel 9.


Ilias Tsigkogiannis has started a Blog about learning to write Windows Drivers

Ilias is the latest addition to the UMDF development team. I’m really excited that he’s decided to start blogging about his initial experience learning about how WDM and UMDF drivers work. Hopefully this can serve as a helpful introduction for anyone who is just starting off with driver development.


Pointless Blathering on Channel 9

It appears my Channel 9 interview is live. I haven’t actually watched it yet, so I might regret putting this link up before I do, but people are going to find it anyway. Hopefully I sound insightful. And hopefully the squeaky voice is due to an audio driver bug on my Vista machine or I…



UMDF defines all of its interfaces using COM interfaces, rather than the flat C-style DDI that the KMDF team used.  When kernel developers see this their first question is often “why did you do that?” and it’s an understandable question. I had a long discussion at WinHEC about this exact topic. First not everyone is…


Sorry I’ve been away for so long

Trying to get the UMDF Beta 2 aligned for Windows Media Player & trying to get the Vista RC out the door have been pretty time consuming and my blog muse decided to take a nice long nap. Now that my team is more or less “done” for Vista I’m hopeful that I’ll have more…


Building the UMDF 1.0 (beta) samples

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write about this.  The last week or two have been pretty hectic as we try to lockdown for Vista.  But we still want people to download the UMDF 1.0 beta, and here are the instructions for that. The first step, of course, is to install the WDK. …