Installing SQL Server 2008 Best Practice Analyzer (BPA) on a non-domain machine

When installing SQL 2008 R2 BPA on a machine that is not connect to a domain, you may see the following.


To verify you are hitting the know issue with the BPA installer trying to enable PowerShell remoting, run the following command to generate an installation log.

msiexec /i {full path to BPA MSI} /l*v c:\temp\bpa.txt

Then open up the log file and search for “Error 1722”. If you see this error:

msiexec /i {full path to BPA MSI} SKIPCA=1



To work around the issue above, you can do the following:

1. Open a command prompt with Administrative Privileges.

2. Execute the following command to install BPA, but skipping Enable-PSREmoting within the installer

msiexec /i {full path to BPA MSI} SKIPCA=1

Where the MSI will either be SQL2008R2BPA_Setup32.msi or SQL2008R2BPA_Setup64.msi depending on your platform.

For example:


4. Once BPA is installed, run the following command (also from an administrative command prompt):

Powershell.exe -NoLogo -NoProfile -Command Enable-PSRemoting –force

Comments (2)

  1. Ron Fernandez says:

    Tried that and it still doesn't work.  MS support has been working on this problem for days with no solution in site ;-{

  2. Is your machine joined to a Domain?

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