Invoke or BeginInvoke cannot be called on a control until the window handle has been created.

We have been hearing that customers installing SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 August CTP are hitting the following error:

“Invoke or BeginInvoke cannot be called on a control until the window handle
has been created.”

This issue is occurring due to .NET behavior on Win7 change that is exposing a bug in how we close UI dialogs. Generally, if you just rerun it won't hit the issue again.


Fix information:

This issue will be addressed in SQL Server 2008 R2 and a future SQL Server 2008 CU.

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  1. PurpleD423 says:

    I had this same error a number of times trying to install SQL Express 2008 x64 on a 2008 R2 64-bit server (VMWare) and I finally got it working doing the following:

    Start the installation and when it gets to the point where the security window pops up asking you if you authorize the installation to run, open the temp folder.  C:{GUID} and copy that folder (contains setup.exe and supporting files) to your desktop.  

    Click "OK" on the security dialog and it will probably error.  

    Once the error dialog goes away just run the setup.exe from the temporary directory on your desktop and it works.

    Hope this helps someone else.

    ~Matt Heidenreich

  2. VealJ says:

    When the security window popped up on my Windows 7 Professional it locked out everything in Windows until I responded to the question so I am unable to locate a C:{GUID} temp directory let alone copy it to my desktop.  Near as I can tell it isn’t even created at that point.

  3. rodbeck says:


    The executable SQLEXPRADV_x64_xxx.exe is a self extracting archive : just uncompress it with any zip compression utility.

  4. ajeetnagdev says:

    I faced the same issue when I was trying to install SQL 2008 64Bit SP1.

    How I overcome the issue?? Just Right Click the executable SQLEXPRADV_x64_xxx.exe and select open, it will run without any issue.

  5. ajeetnagdev says:

    Sorry – Just Right Click the executable SQLEXPRADV_x64_xxx.exe and select open and RUN.

  6. samsonjr2 says:

    I experienced the same problem trying to install SQL Server 2008 Developer edition on my Windows 7 x64 laptop. New laptop, fresh install of MSSQL 2008. However my installation started to process after I turned off (UAC) and of course rebooted. Now the installation appears to be stuck at SqlEngineConfigAction_Install_Startup_Cpu64. There does not seem to be a lot of folks who encountered this particular error as the google results were not grand. If anyone has any idea as to why this seems to hang at "SqlEngineConfigAction_Install_Startup_Cpu64" I would appreciate learning about it.

  7. SheldonCohen says:

    Created c:temp folder and it worked for me!

  8. dsairai says:

    c:temp worked first time no problem! thanx sheldon!

  9. zc0000 says:

    mark it..  I met same problem when running SQL server 2008 installation after having vs2010 installed.

  10. Juan Zamora says:

    Hi,  i uncompressed the file and then it ran just fine

  11. Paballo Mogorosi says:

    Had the same problem when trying to install Management Studio 2008 on Win7 pc. I right clicked SQLmanagementStudioSP1_86_ENU.exe and chose the option 'Run as administrator' and it ran fine with no problems!

  12. Selçuk ARSLAN says:

    I had the very same problem on a machine with win7 professional os. Creating "temp" directory under c: drive did not solve my problem , but "run as administrator" option works fine.Thank you Paballo Mogorosi 🙂

  13. Selçuk ARSLAN says:

    I had the very same problem on a machine with win7 professional os. Creating "temp" directory under c: drive did not solve my problem , but "run as administrator" option works fine.Thank you Paballo Mogorosi 🙂

  14. Programmer says:

    Пиздец какой-то!

  15. programmer says:

    I had installled SQL2008express R2 because I wanted the SQLExpress instances (not cool loading test dbs onto production servers). When I went to install SQL2008 full version in order to get BIDS installed, it was hitting this error constantly.

    Creating the C:temp solved the issue.

    PS: you must do a NEW installation beside the current Express in order to gain access the the Reporting services/ BIDS versions.

    What a headache.

    PS:Using XP SP3 in corp environment

  16. I had the same problem, but all I have to do is just restart, then run as Administrator

  17. Cornel says:

    created c:/temp and worked fine


  18. Mayur Gharat says:

    Creation of c:temp folder worked for me also.

    was trying to install SQL 2008 EE x64 on Server 2008 R2.

    Thanks SheldonCohen !!

  19. Raku says:

    Run as Administrator worked for me too, thanks for the great tip.

  20. Daniel says:

    Had the same issue installing SQL Server 2008 RTM on Windows Server 2003 R2. Trying to install again seemed to work.

  21. I've faced this problem while installing SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1. After some research I realized that it is a time  synchronization issue on my environment. I fixed this issue and thet brought me success.

  22. Syed Farhaan Abdul Khader says:

    I have got the same problem but on Win XP can any one pls suggest a fix….

  23. sathya says:

    I repeated installation , it is successful

  24. Domenico says:

    Installing SQL Server 2008 onto Server 2008 R2. Simply created C:temp as suggested. Problem solved.

  25. AlZa says:

    Already had C:Temp, error still came up. Temporarly gave all users securiy access to C:Temp and error disappeared. Probably runnig as Administrator would have achieved the same.

  26. G says:

    creating c:temp solved it on my machine

  27. Leon says:

    Well, I faked it out, since all articles I read stipulated SQL2K8 SP1, so I summarily applied SP1 even though I did not have a full SQL2K8 installation (the "C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server" folder(s) were partially there)!! Woiked after that…<doh!>, then reapplied SP1 after the Full install… Hoping this is of help to someone…

  28. Samson J. Loo says:

    I decided to upgrade my instance on m Win7 system from SQL 2008 to 2008 R2 and I received this message. I was able to get by it simply by rerunning the setup again after the inital error.

  29. murthy. says:

    temporarly disable the antivirus. then the setup will gets executed.

  30. nalizo says:

    what i did that fixed the problem was to del the folder "MSOCache" in drive C ( you will see the folder after set to – show hidden files and folders" under the folder and serch options.

    then rerun the setup from the CD and it workes.

  31. csjthomas says:

    Your version of SQL Server 2008 isn't compatible with this version of Windows.

    A newer version of this software is available for download that solves this problem.…/968382

  32. dMotion says:

    I've just has same problem with SQL 2008, when i installed on Windows 2008 Standart R2 the error shows up

    "Invoke or BeginInvoke cannot be called on a control until the window handle

    has been created.”

    But it fixed, i just Resintalled my .Net Framework and like pabalo said, i Run the setup.exe as administrator by right click -> Run as Administrator…


  33. eyesark says:

    Had the same problem; made sure no other instance of setup was running from process explorer and then restarted installation and it worked fine for me. All the best

  34. Tony says:

    If you have UAC turned on you have to run the executable as "Administrator"

  35. Isn't it about time this stuff just worked? says:

    It's December 2010 and I'm getting the same problem.  Is anyone minding the store?

  36. fadime sener says:

    c:temp solved my problem



  37. max says:

    >temporarly disable the antivirus. then the setup will gets executed.

    I'm on XP, this worked, thanks murthy.

  38. Cristiano Santos says:

    Thank you soo much PurpliD423, work great!!!


  39. Fasih Uddin Ahmad says:

    install the feature "windows process activation services"

  40. Mike says:

    This worked for me, i'm using windows xp, not sure if it has been posted..

    After you run the SQLEXPADV….exe and it starts extracting the files, check which folder it is extracting to, open the folder and dbl click the setup.exe file and it will open the installation screen where you can install SQL

  41. Mike says:

    continued…..there will be 2 setup installation screens – use the second screen that comes up after all files have been extracted – as the first will fail as it will look for the files which were esctracted and auto deleted.

    for some reason when you use winzip to unzip the original exe the setup.exe file does not show?? weird!

  42. Mohamed Trad says:

    I got the error message installing SP1 for SQL 2008 x64 on a Win 2008 R2 x64. I reran it, then got the Reboot failed. Took care of that by going to the reg key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession Manager and remove the PendingFileRename key"

  43. Sebastien Tardif says:

    I have the same problem in April, 2011 using latest download. Microsoft is downsizing?

  44. Esen says:

    Re run the setup.exe that resolved my issue as mentioned here.

    To do so, use 7zip or winrar to unzip the SQLEXPR32_x86_ENU.exe

    If not, when you get the error popup, do not click ok. Go and copy the extracted files from the c:3bdkcnkdnd (temp folder watch out for this newly created folder on your machine) and paste it somewhere then click ok. you will loose c:3bdkcnkdnd but the copy of this folder will still remain. Now click setup.exe from this folder. If you get the error again. Then Click setup.exe again which resolved my issue.

  45. Thanks to Sheldon. Creating c:temp resolved the issue!

    Perform the following:

    1. Create a folder 'temp' under c:

    2. Extract the ISO file containing SQL server 2008 SP1 to c:temp folder.

    3. Execute the 'setup' by dbl-clicking the setup file.

    4. Ignore error and run.

  46. Johan says:

    Creating c:temp before installation solved the issue!

  47. Jyothi says:

    I had the same issue on a win7 professional os. Creating "temp" directory under c: drive did not solve my problem , but "run as administrator" option works fine.Thank you Paballo Mogorosi.

  48. James Ryer says:

    MS is so dysfunctional.  I can't believe they pay these developers to put out this crap software that never loads correctly.  I am on a brand new Windows Server 2008 R2, I have been trying to install Dynamics, Lync and Sharepoint for the past 4 days, bug after bug after bug.  

  49. Prashant says:

    Created c:temp folder and it worked for me!

  50. Kodre says:

    Got this error while installing SQL 2008 on win XP machine, Created c:temp folder and it worked for me!

  51. vikas says:

    i had same problem but i close my all explorer and its worked… i knw its silly but its really worked for me…

    sometimes windows behaving unexpected.. 😉

  52. Darr says:

    I have vm environment . CHP.  windows 2008 r2 standard 64 bit and in am installing sql 2008 r1 developer 64 bit. It worked for me . I created temp. copied software in that temp and then started installation as administrator.

  53. Igor says:

    Creating of the c:temp folder solved the issue, thanks

  54. IRB says:

    Ritgh Clicked on Setup.exe file and select Run as Administrator. Worked for me then without any issue.

  55. MUSA says:

    Even though I was logged in as an administrator I got error "Invoke or Begin Invoke can not be called on a control unit until the window handle has been created" while installing SQL Server 2008. Simply I right clicked on Setup.exe selected Run As and then applied adminsitrator user and password. DONE.

  56. Babu Nagalingam says:

    It works for me when i running as administrator even though the folder is not under c:/temp.

  57. Babu Nagalingam says:

    Oh i forgot to mention…i extracted it into folder and then run the exe file.

  58. Khaja Mohiddin says:

    Awesome… i didnt expect this can be resolved like this… small trick.. 🙂

  59. Peterson Aquino From Brazil says:

    I create a folder C:temp and paste the SQLManagementStudio_x64_ENU.exe into the folder…after this, the installation are be resolved.

  60. George says:

    C:temp directory creation worked for me.  Installing on server 2008 R2 and running as admin.

  61. Chaitanya says:

    after i got the error, i installed the sql server service pack1 and it fixed this issue. please try this fix ,…

  62. Francis Onodueze says:

    just created ctemp and it solved my issue

  63. Behzad says:

    This solution is for SQLExpress:

    Right Click on the setup file and run it as administrator.

  64. Cujo says:

    I was logged into the machine as a Domain Admin and still had to "Run as Administrator" to get this to work.

  65. Rajath says:

    'Run as administrator' option worked for me. Thanks a lot..!!

  66. Rahul says:

    C:temp worked thanx sheldon! Great Solution

  67. Mazdak Shojaie says:

    I try to rerun, and problem was solved… 🙂

  68. Orlando Tempobono says:

    c:temp worked !! simply and great solution!!! thanks!!

  69. Andrea Raimondi says:

    So, the correct answer should be:

    "Since it's exposing a bug in how we close UI dialogs, that bug will be fixed."

    That's the answer I would expect, not "please keep trying."


  70. Shweta Jain says:

    Instead of Invoke, I did BeginInvoke and it worked for me 🙂

  71. Babsi says:

    Right Click on the setup file and run it as administrator.

    worked for me when installing enterprise edition, although my server is windows 2008 R2. If the issue is occurring due to .NET behavior on Win7 I'm wondering why it failed on windows 2008R2.

  72. Still a bug... says:

    This bug in the installer UI (not like it's a core function of SQL Server with ramifications or anything) was known to Microsoft in 2009. I downloaded SQL Server 2008 Express last week, it the bug still exists!! Shame on you Microsoft.

  73. Manecs says:

    The solution is to deactivate UAC for user control Settings, and then reboot the server.

    That worked for me

  74. purvang says:

    i have installing this  on windows xp  first i have installed framework 3.5 service pack 1 and then  i have installed this….still i m getting this type of error so what is the solution?

  75. Svarmit says:

    try running a few many times the setup it will work definately

  76. MartyL says:

    Matt- same setup as yours and same problem. SQL2008Express-x64/W2K8R2-x64/VMware

    while skeptical, I tried your solution above  and it worked !!

  77. blaefa says:

    The temp folder worked for me.  Thanks.

  78. Michael Fox says:

    It shouldn't be this hard to install. Meanwhile, created c:temp and ran the executable as an administrator.. i.e. right click run as an administrator and it worked.

  79. C_Boss says:

    Just a right click > Open worked for me. Run as admin failed multiple time.

    Thanks guys.

  80. Martin says:

    I had to delete the C:MSOCache folder to get it working

  81. saranya says:

    The same issue occurs for me too. when i check accidentally. My IE has very older version. After upgrading to the new version and try running the setup again. Issue got resolved.  

  82. Minesh says:

    Created temp folder in C: drive and installation progressed further.

  83. MikeL says:

    Creating c:temp resolved my issue also installing SQL 2008 Enterprise on SQL 2008 R2 Datacenter OS

  84. Harish says:

    Create temp folder on C drive. its worked form me.


  85. Ravi says:

    Just copy the installer on the desktop , its worked for me

  86. Gautam says:

    It was as Simple as it is. I just right clicked the setup and ran as a Administrator and it worked and installed the SQL SP1 for me.

  87. Rao Ather says:

    Creating c:temp resolved my issue.

    Thank you

  88. david says:

    es cierto corranlo como adninistrador click derecho  ejecutar como admoinistrador funciona

  89. wise says:

    Had same problem restarted the system and it work fine

  90. Imran says:

    just create C:TEMP folder and that's the trick 🙂

  91. Waseem Javed says:

    got that error. minimizing all other windows except the SQL setup window worked for me…….and believe me i don't know why

  92. Mauro says:

    I have done everything suggested herein, but when try to install de Sql management Studio nothing happen……..still giving the same error – INVOKE BEGININVOKE HAS NO HANDLE or whatsoever Im getting very upset the way microsoft hanlles this errors, so many answers for nothing….try this that and nothing….I even try to change de DTC but I was afraid to mess it up….because no instuction on this……..damn it

  93. Nishikant sohal says:

    Install WINRAR.

    right click on the file.

    then extract them in some folder

    then install the setup file with the admin rights.

    it will work fine.

  94. Kiran Barhate says:

    After copied the GUID contain to desktop its work fine for me…Thanks

  95. ruchi says:

    Run as Administrator works fine 🙂

  96. Mulitalo says:

    Right click and Run as Administrator

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