How to create a SQL Server 2008 tools only source drop

Several customers have asked how to create a source media drop that only contains the management tools. SQL Server 2005 had a Tools folder, but this was removed in SQL Server 2008 as the source media layout was changed.  The SQL Server 2005 source media layout caused problems when a customer would copy the Servers folder to a network shared and did not include the Tools folder. Below, I have a script that you can use to create a tools only drop from your original SQL Server 2008 source media, excluding the SQL Server Express source media. This script will produce a drop that is 538 MB versus 4.39 GB for the full media.


  • This script is not fully supported and tested by Microsoft, but I will assist folks if needed and as time permits.

  • To create the smallest size tools drop, I have removed the components to install on a 64-bit machine or into WOW64.

  • Prior to any deployment, please ensure you verify the drop installs and the features you need are installed and working correctly

  • This drop is ONLY supported on a 32-bit system. I will consider expanding as time permits.

  • The script requires robocopy.exe

  • You need to set the source in the script (e.g. if your source media is on the DVD (D: drive), the %source% variable would be D: without the "\")

//// Begin script ///// 

set source=c:\sqlfull_enu
set dest=C:\SQLFULL_ENU_ToolsOnly

REM Copy Root ONLY
robocopy %source% %dest%

REM Copy Root of x86 ONLY
robocopy %source%\x86 %dest%\x86 /XF fixsqlregistrykey_ia64.exe fixsqlregistrykey_x64.exe

robocopy %source%\x86\1033 %dest%\x86\1033

robocopy %source%\x86\help %dest%\x86\help /S

REM Copy redists
robocopy %source%\x86\redist\DotNetFrameworks %dest%\x86\redist\DotNetFrameworks /S /XF *x64* *ia64* /XD x64
robocopy %source%\x86\redist\Powershell %dest%\x86\redist\Powershell /S /XD ia64 x64
robocopy %source%\x86\redist\Watson %dest%\x86\redist\Watson /S
robocopy "%source%\x86\redist\Windows Installer" "%dest%\x86\redist\Windows Installer" /S /XD ia64 x64

REM Setup Folder and exclude folders and files that aren't needed
robocopy %source%\x86\Setup %dest%\x86\Setup /S /XD sql_engine_core_inst_loc_msi sql_engine_core_inst_msi sql_engine_core_shared_loc_msi sql_engine_core_shared_msi x64 /XF rsfx.msi rsSharePoint.msi sql_as.msi sql_bids.msi sql_fulltext.msi sql_is.msi sql_rs.msi sqlbrowser.msi SQLServer2008_BOL.msi Synchronization.msi SyncServicesADO.msi sql_as_loc.msi sql_is_loc.msi sql_rs_loc.msi sqlserver2005_bc.msi sqlwriter.msi

//// End script /////

Comments (5)

  1. Reinaldo says:

    Is this the same for SQL 2008 R2? I also need an x64 as Win 7 x64, can you expand ?

  2. Alex Uy (CSS) says:

    This will only work for 2008 not 2008 R2.

  3. says:

    Hi Peter, Thanks for the post. It was very helpfull.

    Can you please let us know how to built the client tools for 64-bit.  Is there any way to built them.




  4. Prashant Thakwani says:

    when i created this and try to run the setup.exe, it give me a error, saying i need to install dot net framework 3.5, even though i have it installed on the server. Any idea ?

  5. Ernie says:

    Anyone perform similar steps with SQL Server 2012? Looks like some of the directories changed fro 2012.

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