Media Center Technical Discussion 1: Tuners and TuningSpaces

The Media Center TV experience driven by a flexible, multi-standard engine that works with any compatible tuner (including a good number of analog tuner cards and all BDA digital tuner cards) to create portable recordings viewable on any Windows XP machine.  To support “trick play” on Live TV (Pause, FFWD, etc.), the video engine is…


Media Center Technical Discussion Series

One of the more popular subjects for users who email me is how to get Media Center to do something that cannot be done (or is hard to do) from the UI.  Since I have not been able to talk about my current work much (Windows Vista and unannounced other stuff) I am kicking off a…


VoodooPC’s 8TB Media Center PC

From Engadget: When we heard that VoodooPC was planning a media PC with 16 drive bays and a maximum capacity of 8 terabytes… [Read full posting on Engadget] Sounds pretty cool–maybe I’ll get one here to “test” with ^_^.


DVB Guide issues – "cannot schedule recoding because guide data cannot be accessed"

We have been getting reports about Guide problems from DVB users across Europe and the world, hopefully in time for the next Rollup release (external date not yet announced, but should be late Q1 to early Q2).  The problem typically manifests itself when scheduling many shows to record, but can occur anytime.  Without a code fix, you…


A Brief History of ATSC in Media Center

In the beginning there was NTSC in Freestyle (Media Center 2002), and it was good.  Media Center supported the #1 market and proved that computers could do a great job recording television, pausing Live TV, and organizing recordings.  With support for one tuner under our belt and an enthusiastic user base, we moved forward with…


Fix for ATSC after uninstalling Rollup 2

In some cases you may find that ATSC (HDTV) no longer works after uninstalling Media Center Rollup 2 from your computer.  The issue is caused by a schema change in the Tuners registry key.  Today I identified a workaround to get your ATSC back up and running without reinstalling Symphony or Rollup 2. To restore…


DVB Radio "No TV Signal" Workaround

I am currently investigating a fix for two DVB Radio issues identified a workaround for those affected.  If you are getting a “No TV Signal” blue overlay when tuning to a DVB Radio station, particularly a low-bitrate station like BBC World Service, or you are seeing 15+ second channel change times for changing between DVB Radio and…


Tell us about your Rollup 2 (and KB908250) problems

Are you an MCE user experiencing problems since you installed Rollup 2 and/or KB908250?  I want to hear about them.  Comments will be moderated to reduce redundancy, but I’d like to hear about any troubles you might be having. Here are the ground rules: Reports must be directly related to Rollup 2 or KB908250 (the “Rollup…


IEEE 1394 vs. UDCP

I have been exchanging a couple of emails with Ray Maker, a fellow ‘Softie, regarding whether IEEE 1394 recording is an “enthusiast” feature or more mainstream.  I am of the opinion that it stands a good chance of being mainstream, and Ray thinks it more of a tech-enthusiast feature. I agree that whether 1394 goes…


Recording over 1394 (Firewire) in Media Center

There has been some recent effort to pry open the 1394 interface in various STBs (set-top boxes), most notably that of timmmoore’s STB package that goes to extraordinary lengths to hook into Media Center’s experience.  The state of the world today, at least with Media Center, is that the “outside looking in” hooks of Tim’s…