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So, the last several months have been fairly busy, what with Vista shipping (woohoo!), vacations, and plannng the next rev. I worked long hours alongside my fellow eHomers, we shipped, and I took off a couple of months to find myself in Mexico and decompress. I've been back for a while now, and been bugged enough about my blog neglect--so here I am posting again.

The timbre of my postings will probably shift quite a bit now that I am in a new position on a new team. As of February, I have left the Windows TV team and joined the Media Center Core, a move that shifts me from the south side of building 50 to the north side, across the Great Divide of the central hallway. That is, when my office move happens to place me somewhat closer to my new team. It's always a little melancholy moving teams, but I am excited at the new opportunities I have to make a positive impact on the product.

The Media Center Core Team owns the Media Center application, non-TV experiences: Movies Guide, music, photos & video library, extensibility, online spotlight, and a bunch of other stuff on the side. It's always difficult to talk about what we do without talking about what we're doing, if you get my meaning.

One thing I can talk about is that we are growing, and with growing comes new jobs! We have several positions open for experienced developers posted on the Microsoft job site (here's one: http://members.microsoft.com/careers/search/details.aspx?JobID=9D2139A0-0D36-414E-8C66-B3C8CFD35086 ). If you think you have what it takes to help us ship the coolest feature in Windows to millions of users, send me your resume! Whether your passion is TV, music, photos, or you're just a scary-smart engineer, we are hiring across the board, for Test, Development, and Program Management.

Oh, if anyone has anything in particular they'd like me to talk about, shoot me an email (peter.rosser@microsoft.com) or add a comment.

Comments (3)

  1. Shawn Oster says:

    Congrats on the team switch, mixing it up is always fun.

    It’s funny that you posted those job listing, I was just looking at one that mentioned integration and I know I’d love to work on the Media Center team, especially if it meant enabling Marketplace account & content integration into Media Center.

    It’s the commute though that would kill me, seeing as how I live in Colorado 🙂

  2. Diana says:

    Came across you page. I love it! so cute!!!!

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