Tripod sings about romantic love

I saw this the other day… definitely worth a viewing. WARNING: If you have a girlfriend/wife/S.O. and you game a lot, you might want to put on headphones or suffer facial contortions and rolling eyes. HAHAHA


Using exported DLL functions

Now and then it’s necessary to use “private” or “internal-only” functions in DLLs that you did not write, don’t have the source for, and/or cannot get public interfaces for.  I recently had to do this again for a utility application, so I thought it would be nice to document the process a little more clearly…


Captioning Support Sucks

Looking back at the bugs we’ve fixed over the last several months, we certainly have had a good share of captioning issues, especially with regards to the size of the codebase compared to  the “video” code.  Surprisingly, we don’t hear from users a ton when captions don’t work properly, but maybe that’s because a minority of the users actually use them…


DVB Guide issues – "cannot schedule recoding because guide data cannot be accessed"

We have been getting reports about Guide problems from DVB users across Europe and the world, hopefully in time for the next Rollup release (external date not yet announced, but should be late Q1 to early Q2).  The problem typically manifests itself when scheduling many shows to record, but can occur anytime.  Without a code fix, you…


A Brief History of ATSC in Media Center

In the beginning there was NTSC in Freestyle (Media Center 2002), and it was good.  Media Center supported the #1 market and proved that computers could do a great job recording television, pausing Live TV, and organizing recordings.  With support for one tuner under our belt and an enthusiastic user base, we moved forward with…


DISH Network & ATSC channels

I have been working on a fix for the ATSC channel number assignment issue currently impacting Rollup 2 users.  The scenario is that if you have any channels in the 9000s (like DISH Network) and you have ATSC channels, they will get assigned numbers in the 10000s.  That’s a problem if you want to change directly…