Fix coming for ATSC minor channels guide bug

If you use ATSC with Media Center, and have mapped minor channels to listings, you probably noticed that the listings from the .1 channel are duplicated across the other minor channels (if the callsigns are similar enough).  This results in a display like this in the guide:

This is more than a little inconvenient, since it also means that Media Center cannot schedule recordings accurately on the affected channels.

Coming in the next rollup QFE for Media Center (late Q1/early Q2), we have a fix for the problem.  Unfortunately, the fix required a code change and cannot be worked around with a registry tweak.

The way it should look is like this:

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  1. BrettRobi says:

    This is really great news! This issue is one of the biggest things that drives me nuts about MCE. So can we assume that this will also fix the limitation that the main ATSC channel always maps to the same guide data as the analog channel?

    My local PBS station (Portland OR) shows all their true HD content on their .1 channel, so the schedule is totally different than the analog channel, thus I can’t schedule any true HD content from PBS.

  2. Ian says:

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank you.

    I’ve been holding off on RU2 (more accuratley, I rolled back to RU1) because of this bug. I can’t wait to actually get to try out RU2!

  3. Griffon says:

    Excellent, now just get the vista team to remove the legacy requirement for an analog tuner (ugh) when you have a fusion HDTV usb device or some such, and will be right with the world, or near enough.

  4. PeterRosser says:

    Brett –

    I will look more closely at the way that the initial ATSC channel gets assigned to listings. If we get it wrong with the automatic assignment, though, you CAN fix it by going through the Edit Digital Listings screen (in Settings–>TV–>Guide).

    That’s required for the minor channels, too, since they generally are not added automatically. We cannot generally add new features to the product that mess with such a sensitive area of the code (e.g. pseudo-hetergeneous tuning support ala ATSC).

  5. PeterRosser says:


    Yeah, I hate that requirement too. The reason behind it is that we don’t actually get listings from our data provider for ATSC. At all. The only way it works now is that we map listings from another provider that simulcasts the same content on their lineup (like digital cable lineups) to the ATSC channels.

    Until we have true heterogeneous tuning support, this is going to be a sticking point. Sucks.

  6. Griffon says:

    Sorry I don’t follow the logic here. If it’s about getting data, just let the let system lie and claim to have a analog tuner for that sole purpose. There shouldn’t really be a physical reqiremtn…? Or provide an alternate data path maybe, or even better a custom path. I could point to a rss feed somewhere for the data instead… making it lock step can keep simple when you control all the hardware but since folks can do custom builds why not have advanced configuration options? Setting aside the dev time of course :). Just seems a dam shame to tie the next ge system with the same legacy configuration that frustrates so many, and then there is the fire wire issue of course, but I guess that should be separated, though from builder stand point they all relate.

  7. PeterRosser says:

    The requirement is lame, but to change it would not be a small amount of work, and not just the development time, but the QA verification too. The test hit would be enormous for a shipped product like MCE 2005.

    Having the system lie about anything is a path to the Dark Side, and I try to avoid it. Hacktastic features *always* cause more trouble than they’re worth (ref: our current ATSC implementation). We should have done it right the first time, because convincing mgmt that it’s broken enough to justify redoing it is a tough row to hoe.

    The current view is that broadcast ATSC won’t be a big market *ever*, too, with the bulk of people getting their HD from digital cable or satellite. Vista has support for digital cable tuners (OCUR), and Vista+1 (2007) will have support for DirecTV tuners. ATSC is only a drop in the bucket compared to those markets.

  8. KyL416 says:

    Any chance of setting it up with your provider to include ATSC Listings with the broadcast lineups. I know for a fact that Zap2it already provides ATSC Channels integrated their broadcast lineups. So wouldn’t it just be a matter of having Zap2it include the ATSC Channels in the broadcast lineups they provide to you?

  9. I wanted to list a few miscellaneous issues that have been found recently with Update Rollup 2 for Media…

  10. BigAl says:

    I’m glad to hear this issue is on your radar.  I love the HD DVD burning in UR2 so I decided against doing a rollback of that updt.

    I yes, I think most folks are waiting for cablecard and DTV supt… made my day when reading that bit of CES news.  My only concern there is whether us DIY’rs are going to be SOL with our pre-built machines.  I’m hearing conflicting reports about whether the PC or just the cablecard device will need to be cablelabs certified.  I now wish I’d have held off building for another 9 months.

  11. Glenn says:

    I have often used the USB tuner that came with my DELL MCE Laptop to temporarily get my main MCE to think that I have an NTSC TV Tuner while I also have the Fusion HDTV tuner (PCI) X 2 inside. I configure the TV settings and the two ATSC tuners, configure the guide, then unplug the DELL NTSC tuner and put it back in my travel bag for my notebook.

    At this point I edit the channels lineup to only have the 15 or so Digital TV channels that I get (uncheck all the analog ones).

    Thus no need for the NTSC tuner, except when I need to re-setup the TV settings, which is rare.

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