Fix for ATSC after uninstalling Rollup 2

In some cases you may find that ATSC (HDTV) no longer works after uninstalling Media Center Rollup 2 from your computer.  The issue is caused by a schema change in the Tuners registry key.  Today I identified a workaround to get your ATSC back up and running without reinstalling Symphony or Rollup 2.

To restore your ATSC functionality in Symphony:

  1. Stop all Media Center services and processes

    1. Close Media Center

    2. Start-->Run-->services.msc (or Control Panel-->Administrative Tools-->Services)

    3. Stop "Media Center Receiver Service"

    4. Stop "Media Center Scheduler Service"

  2. Open Registry Editor (Start-->Run-->regedit.exe)

  3. Delete the key at:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Media Center\Service\Video\Tuners

  4. Start Media Center

This has not been rigorously tested, and has not been "officially" released to the Microsoft Knowledge Base yet.  I am fairly confident of the fix, but this is posted AS-IS, with no warranties.

Comments (2)

  1. drrw says:

    I feel like I’ve dropped into a Lewis Carroll world on all this – and all because I bought a HDTV from BestBuy! Normal punters just get the STB and plug to their TV – oblivious.

    Since I’d already been using my HP MCE PC with cable – I just assumed it would all work with HDTV!

    I have found this card:

    And this seems very promising. Seems like I can probably push the QAM signal out of the STB into this card… or even the digital signal directly…

    However – still waiting for Comcast to tell me if their HDTV over analogue is QAM and not encrypted…

    Is that the Cheshire Cat I see grinning at me?!

  2. I wanted to list a few miscellaneous issues that have been found recently with Update Rollup 2 for Media…

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