DVB Radio "No TV Signal" Workaround

I am currently investigating a fix for two DVB Radio issues identified a workaround for those affected.  If you are getting a "No TV Signal" blue overlay when tuning to a DVB Radio station, particularly a low-bitrate station like BBC World Service, or you are seeing 15+ second channel change times for changing between DVB Radio and DVB Video channels, this workaround may apply to you.

This involves editing your registry, so if you are not comfortable doing that, please wait for the binary fix to be released.

The key is:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Media Center\Service\Video\Tuners\DVR

Set NearUnderflowCheckMillis=4000 (0x00000fa0).

If you are not experiencing problems with DVB Radio, do not change this value.  If you are in the U.S., for example, it can cause instability with ATSC tuning.  Once the binary fix is released, you should return this value to its original value of 2000 (decimal).

This is a non-supported, non-official workaround and is provided AS-IS, with no warranty.

Comments (9)

  1. Ian says:

    Any chance we can have a nice picture insted of the blue screen when listening to DVB services 😉

    Thanks for the tip Peter 🙂

  2. PeterRosser says:

    That’s one of the features I would like to see in the product, too. Especially since there are video sent along with the audio data on some DVB Radio stations.

    Of course, prioritizing that against other Vista-release work items is a bit hard.

  3. Shane Lord says:

    I have tried this out hoping it would fix the "No TV Signal" message that occurs for the first TV channel I tune to when I restart my system… but no luck.

    Peter – has MS been able to replicate this bug (I sent you details etc on it at the end of last year)?



  4. PeterRosser says:

    Shane –

    We have not seen the exact repro that you reported, though we are looking at a related issue with NTSC systems erroneously reporting DVB Radio (which should not be possible).

  5. Shane Lord says:


    Is there anyone at Microsoft Australia (North Ryde Office) that I could show this to?

    There are quite a number of users with DVICO cards (and other cards using the same chipset) that are seeing this or similar on DVB-T.

    Love to help get it fixed.



  6. I wanted to list a few miscellaneous issues that have been found recently with Update Rollup 2 for Media…

  7. Nathan says:

    Hi SHane

    I have a DVICO dual DVB-T tuner card in the UK with all variations of the drivers I have had "NO TV Signal" after system restart on on xbox360 extender when first entering TV mode – I have all the fixes even Premier ones for XP itself.


  8. Shane Lord says:


    Thanks for letting us know – whilst it is a shame you are experiencing this too, I am also glad that it is not just Australia that has this problem with DVB-T and the DVICO cards.

    If it was just Australia, I am sure we would be at the bottom of the priority list of getting things fixed (Australia being the microbe on the butt of a flea as far as the world wide population is concerned).

    At least now with the UK having issues (high priority market for Microsoft) we have a slightly greater chance of getting it fixed.

    Peter – any news on someone I can contact locally in Australia?



  9. Nathan says:


    We also have problems in the UK with Dvico Dual PCI DVB-T cards not assigning EPG data to each channel. You have to go into ASSIGN LISTINGS TO A CHANNEL. With Black Gold cards it just worked but this was prior to rollup 2 when I last used them!

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