Visual Studio 2005 Shipping on my Birthday

You know I'm a geek when something like that gives me even a little bit of a thrill.  November 7th... not just an election day or my birthday, but also the VS2005 public ship day. ^_^.  I'm installing it now on my primary and backup dev boxes at work now... sometimes the perks of working here are pretty nice. Mmm... generics.

One of my coworkers suggested I take another look at Managed C++ (during our conversation I expressed my "dismay" at the prior version's foibles), so I'll take a peek at that as soon as I have a spare cycle or two.  It's pretty hard to get any free time with the painting at home and the heavy influx of QFE issues we always get post release, but I'm sure I'll manage.

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  1. SamS says:

    I have a better one! XBOX 360 will be released on my birthday: Nov. 22. 🙂

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