MceRepair 0.2

I've posted an update to MceRepair at, which adds additional error logging in case of problems.  If you tried 0.1 and it failed, 0.2 may work for you.  If not, at least you will have more complete information with which I can debug it. [;)] 

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  1. Ian says:

    Great tool

    I couldn’t get Roll Up 2, but then with registering alt.dll and running your tool and installing the fix for rollup 2 it is all working now.


  2. Mahkum says:

    Thanks a lot

    After installing roll up 2 my MCE 2005 stoped working properly. I tried everything. I uninstalled programmes , reinstalled programmes, updated drivers but to no avail. In the end I was going to reformat my hardrive which would have been a huge hassle. Your great tool saved me from all that.

    Thanks again.

  3. Derek says:

    I can no longer download the program guide, (sits in system tray, saying it’s connecting). I tried the program but it didn’t seem to fix it. Any other ideas?

  4. PeterRosser says:

    Derek: it sounds like you have an issue with your internet connectivity. I’d double-check all of your EPG settings and net connect settings within MCE. Fixing nebulous problems with no troubleshooting data is hard; I highly suggest you get on the horn with your OEM’s tech support line.

  5. Eric says:

    Not sure why, but this program fixed the problem I was having.

    My MCE was working just fine, even Live TV, Recorded TV. But it could not play dvr-ms files from another computer. This started to happen after both were upgraded to Rollup 2. Tried everything I could and nothing worked to fix it. Finally after running this MceRepair 0.2, it is able to play the dvr-ms files from the other computer.

  6. Steve D says:

    Thanks a lot.

    I had my doubts while mcerepair 0.2 was running, but everything seems to be corrected. No more component registration failures or critical process failures. Analog tuner and digital HDTV tuner working great so far.

    Thanks again.

  7. David R says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have tried eveything and I cannot still get the guide data to download. I continously get error code 23. This all started Saturday night – everything was working great before that (i have already updated to rollup 2 and all patches). I changed nothing and it stopped working.

    I tried your tool and I still cannot download the guide. I get this error in the error logs:

    Event Info: Unexpected error during load: System.FormatException: Bad file format. Cant find section

    at Microsoft.Ehome.Epg.Helper.XmlHelper.ReadToSection(XmlReader Reader, String SectionName)

    at Microsoft.Ehome.Epg.Loader.Xml.GuideXmlLoader.Run(Object[] arrArgs)

    at Microsoft.Ehome.Epg.Loader.GuideLoadManager.LoadImp()

    Process: DefaultDomain

    Object Name: Media Center Guide

    For more information, see Help and Support Center at

    Please help!!! I cannot record ANY digital channels without the guide data – it is so annoying. Also, it seems to die in the middle of the downloads. I clear the epg directory and then I manually download the guide and then I get the error 23, but there is a 178KB file in the EPG directory – so it seems to get some part of the way there.

  8. Jason says:

    This is a rambling question so bear with me. I recieved rollup 2 and then a week later the update for it. I installed both but for some reason the update for rollup 2 isn’t in my remove software tree in the control panel. Did it fully install? Also, like everyone else My TV isn’t working anymore. Will removing rollup 2 fix the problem? Is this problem a result of not fully testing the update against older video tuner cards? I also started recieving a error message in windows saying 2 HID devices are un recognizable by windows. Upon examining my hardware device signatures it looks like I have 6 HID video devices with the same command line detail and the last 2 aren’t recognized. Finally, ever since this problem started I have noticed a significant slowdown in my systems performance, even when not running MCE. Could this be a result of these HID devices.

  9. PeterRosser says:

    David R: I think you’re right, it’s a failed download. What region are you in, including country and postal code?

    My first suggestion without knowing that would be to see if you can set up TV again by going through Settings –> TV –> Set Up TV Signal. This would have a similar effect as deleting the EPG directory.

    The next thing I’d try is to set your postal code (in the Set Up TV Signal wizard) to one that’s nearby to see if its a data issue with your postal code. If it is this issue, it is temporary and should be fixed. Make sure you report it to your OEM (HP, etc.)!

    Finally, are you having any other internet problems? I mean, can you download large files successfully? The Guide data is rather large, up to 15 MB or so (mine is currently ~9 MB). If you are on a dialup connection or there is a firewall issue (unlikely, but anything’s possible… I don’t know your network topology), there could be an issue with an interruption during the download on your end.

  10. PeterRosser says:

    Jason: Updates like Rollup 2 will not appear unless you select the "Show Updates" checkbox in the Add or Remove Programs dialog.

    It’s certainly possible that the HID entries could be causing some weirdness with Windows. HID devices often have kernel-mode components, which act on a very low level on the system. Any problems with them can have big performance impact on the entire system.

    To identify what the device actually is, open Device Manager and look at the properties for the unknown device. In the Details tab, select "Hardware Ids" from the drop-down list. You’ll see something like "PCIVEN_10DE&DEV_0045&REV_A1" etc. The most important bits are the "VEN_XXXX" and "DEV_XXXX" parts: they identify the vendor (e.g. nVidia, Intel) and the model (e.g. GeForce 6800GT, PRO/1000 CT Network Adapter) of the hardware.

    You can generally just search on the web for the first part of the device ID–just paste it into a search.

    Once you know that, you can tell what driver the hardware needs.

    Also, it’s VERY hard to help when I don’t have enough information. Make sure you include a full description of the problem, not just symptoms that you’ve noticed along with it. In this case, I need to know what sort of error is preventing you from using TV. Are there any errors showing up in your event log? Did you get an error popup?

    Get back to me ^_^

  11. Chris Thomas says:

    I think I have tried everything now to get my TV working since the dreaded Rollup 2 upgrade.

    I have installed and reinstalled .NET 1.1 SP 1 and .NET 2.0 as well as Rollup 2 itself.

    Currently I get the following errors when attempting to watch live TV

    Cannot Load Files. Some of the files needed to play radio or video are missing or corrupt. Try restarting the computer.

    After I get this error, if I select Live TV again, I get nothing – no error, no live TV but MC is still active.

    I get all the usual errors mentioned above when attempting to reconfigure tuner etc ("No tuner attached" etc).

    Also I have obviously tried to run the MceRepair with no success. There were a few errors/warning when running it. A few of the .exe files reported that they couldn’t be registered, but this is probably okay.

    Please help me and my possessed Dell XPS Gen 2 laptop.

  12. Chris Thomas says:

    I forgot one very important thing in my current Rollup 2 state. My installed programs don’t show the update to Rollup 2 and windowsupdate doesn’t want to let me install it because I installed it earlier and then removed it to reinstall it.

    Thank in advance for any help.

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