MceRepair 0.1 (alpha)

Having gotten a little fed up with manually re-registering MCE files when MedCtrRO.exe fails, I have created a new command-line utility to automate the task.

MceRepair.exe will:

  • Repair the ACLs to get COM+ Services working again (see KB909444)
  • Repair the registration for .NET Framework v1.1 libraries (should fix the "Entry Point Not Found in mscoree.dll" error during registration).
  • Reinstalls all MCE Windows Services
  • Re-registers COM components of MCE
  • Reinstalls managed assemblies into the GAC
  • Recreates native images for managed assemblies (ngen)

Of course, I can't warranty any of this stuff, but if you find it useful, feel free to use it.  If you run this and still cannot get things working on your machine, please let me know!  Please include your %windir%\MedCtrOC.log file, %windir%\ehome\ehshell.crash (if it exists), and if you're experiencing EPG problems, a zipped/RARed copy of your %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\Microsoft\eHome\EPG folder.

MceRepair 0.1 (alpha) is posted at [obsolete, use 0.2 below]

EDIT: A newer version, 0.2, is now available at

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  1. Rick says:

    Fantastic program mate, got stuck with no TV after rollup 2 and couldn’t find a solution. MS were useless and your prog fixed it first time. Cheers

  2. Mark says:

    Tried to run your repaire program but it crashed, saying ArgumentNullException. Does this program require some sort of parameter?

    Also, since installing rollup update 2, I can’t view recorded TV at all, getting a "Component Registration Failure". Should/Will your app fix that (please pretty please!!!)?



  3. Hey Mark – you can try the workaround listed at to attempt to fix the Component Registration Failure error you are seeing if the MceRepair tool is not working for you.

    Hope this helps….

  4. PeterRosser says:

    <P>Mark – I will post a debug version when I get home tonight. If you run that I can get some debugging info from you that I can use to fix the problem. The program is not designed to need any parameters, so it’s probably a bug. I suspect that you are missing a file the program expects to find.</P>

    <P>Oh, and yes, it should fix that problem you’ve got.</P>

  5. Canuck in Distress says:

    This program saved my bacon!!! It worked great . . . . my system is back up . . . Great fix Thank You1

  6. ogd says:

    I was about to have a cow, when I found this entry. Thanks so much. works great. You could probably push this out to more folks/make the patch painless if you could suppress those ngen critical dialogs.

  7. Chris says:

    I get a crash when running this program;

    "Application has generated an exception that could not be handled"

    Process ID=0xfc4 (4036), Thread ID=0xfc8 (4040)

    The issue I have with Rollup 2 is as described on Aaron’s blog (error 3, no TV functions etc.), I’ve tried the two suggested fixes on Aaron’s blog, but these don’t solve the problem either. The first suggested fix (the series of commands) wouldn’t work due to registry permission issues, I resolved each of these and got the commands to execute fine, but the services for Receiver and Scheduler just wouldn’t register or start. The second suggested fix to re-run the Rollup 2 registration process also didn’t make any difference – the two services are still missing from the Services List. Rolling back to a system restore point puts me back in a working state – hopefully one day I’ll be able to apply Rollup 2!

  8. Chris says:

    OK – found out why it crashes – don’t try to run it from a UNC path where it doesn’t have write access!

    Running it locally doesn’t fix my problem though, the log file states that many dll’s could not be registered, and then finally at the end it says;

    service: ehsched Could not be installed (this may be okay). Code=-2147221164

    service: ehrecvr Could not be installed (this may be okay). Code=-2147221164

    service: rmsvc.exe is not present on your machine.

    service: mcrdsvc Could not be installed (this may be okay). Code=-2147221164

    regserver: ehmsas Could not be installed (this may be okay). Code=-2147221164

    regserver: ehrec installed successfully

    The two services (Receiver and Scheduler) are missing from the Services List, resulting in a non working My TV 🙁

  9. PeterRosser says:

    Chris, can you please send the logs and an MCDiag capture to Also, did you try v0.2?

  10. Matt Budd says:

    The MceRepair 0.2 worked like a dream. Thanks mate. Lots of mscoree.dll entry point errors though…not sure if that’s important

  11. PeterRosser says:

    If you’re getting a lot of messages about "Entry point not found in mscoree.dll" (I forget the exact syntax), that means your .NET Framework 1.1 is not installed properly. You should reinstall it as soon as possible.

    You can download it from here:

  12. Donald Burnett says:

    Crashes when it first runs, no log generated..

  13. Dan says:

    0.2 worked like a champ for me last night. Actually some things that I couldn’t get working in the past (like MTV Overdrive) automagically started working… but I’m assuming that’s a fluke.

  14. PeterRosser says:

    If you get a crash, ensure that you are not running this from a network drive (it requires local privileges), and that your event logs are not full.

    If you still get an unhandled exception / crash, provide as much detail as possible so I can help.

  15. Mike W says:

    Thanks for the fix. I tried 0.2 first and it would not work but after trying 0.1 it looks like it is all working again.

    Thanks for making this available to us.

  16. HI,

    I installled Rollup 2 and got the classic error. Used Aaron Stebner’s list of comand line fixes to sort it and that worked. then MS pdate installed the Update to Rollup 2 and the system was trashed again. Ran Aaron’s fixes and it was fixed again. The noticed that many MCE Plug-ins weren’t working either (e.g. InterDVD, Tweak MCE, and the new Hauppauge DVB Radio) so went back to MS site. Saw the small print about the MS NET hotfix needing to be unistalled so undid everything and took out roth rollups and all of .NET. Reinstalled the lot, still got the error and now even Aaron’s fix didn’t work. Ran the 02 version of the utility and got MOST things working except for Live TV. So, deleted the folder that holds the EHOME/EPG files and then rescanned the whole lot and eventually THAT seems to work again, although the third-party plug-ins still fall over.

  17. Darrel says:

    The folks at AverMedia sent this file my way in an attempt to fix a stuttering issue with their AverTVHD MCE A180 tuner after installing rollup 2. It didn’t fix the stuttering issue, but it got rid of many of the errors that were showing up in the Event Viewer logs. I still get an error about the ATI DTV Wonder analog tuner failure. I am not sure, but I believe this has nothing to do with anything rollup related though.

  18. Dude,

    Nice work – after installing rollup2 and it breaking my Linksys MCE’s connection I ran your tool V.02 and it fixed my issues like magic. Where were you 17 hours ago.

    Nice job –

    BTW: What up with the flaky MCE code in the first place? Who gave the green light to release this @ MS, as a partner I expected more.

    Anyway, Thx

  19. Eric says:

    AverMedia also sent this file to me in an attempt to fix a stutter/tv corruption issue with the UltraTV 1500 MCE (though my AverMedia M150 exhibits no issues). I haven’t yet run the tool, but from the sounds of it, it is unlikely to fix this issue.

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