Tell us about your Rollup 2 (and KB908250) problems

Are you an MCE user experiencing problems since you installed Rollup 2 and/or KB908250?  I want to hear about them.  Comments will be moderated to reduce redundancy, but I’d like to hear about any troubles you might be having. Here are the ground rules: Reports must be directly related to Rollup 2 or KB908250 (the “Rollup…


IEEE 1394 vs. UDCP

I have been exchanging a couple of emails with Ray Maker, a fellow ‘Softie, regarding whether IEEE 1394 recording is an “enthusiast” feature or more mainstream.  I am of the opinion that it stands a good chance of being mainstream, and Ray thinks it more of a tech-enthusiast feature. I agree that whether 1394 goes…


Recording over 1394 (Firewire) in Media Center

There has been some recent effort to pry open the 1394 interface in various STBs (set-top boxes), most notably that of timmmoore’s STB package that goes to extraordinary lengths to hook into Media Center’s experience.  The state of the world today, at least with Media Center, is that the “outside looking in” hooks of Tim’s…


The procedure entry point GetRequestedRuntimeVersion could not be located in the dynamic link library mscoree.dll

Symptoms Aaron Stebner blogged this a few days ago, but some folks are still running into it, so I’ll speak to it a bit.  If you get an error dialog with the message “The procedure entry point GetRequestedRuntimeVersion could not be located in the dynamic link library mscoree.dll” during Media Center updates or while running…


MceRepair 0.2

I’ve posted an update to MceRepair at, which adds additional error logging in case of problems.  If you tried 0.1 and it failed, 0.2 may work for you.  If not, at least you will have more complete information with which I can debug it. [;)] 


DRM Business Rules in Rollup 2

To clarify the somewhat vague statement I made about “business rules” for DRM changing in Emerald (Rollup 2), the changes were to include the new COPP (Certified Output Protection Protocol) support in the release and to support the new version of the DRM engine.  The actual behavioral changes in Media Center are not that great:…


Anonymous comments enabled

I guess no matter how many hours I stare at a monitor every day, in some things I’m still a noob.  I was *wondering* why no one was commenting on my posts! ^_^


Tool to set your EPG download time

After all that about QWORDs in the registry from managed code, I went ahead and just finished a small application that allows you to edit the time that MCE goes out to download guide updates. You can get from


Getting a QWORD from the registry using C# and P/Invoke

From time to time you need to use really, really big numbers, like when describing, say, the time of day you need to download a certain set of data from remote servers.  Well, you probably don’t need that much granularity in the time, but that’s what MCE uses to schedule EPG downloads. <g> So, we store…


DRM in MCE Rollup 2

I was posting to and thought I’d save myself typing the same thing again, since it’s good info, even if I am restating/repackaging existing opinion.  The following is a response to people who thought for some reason that Rollup 2 was applying DRM to things that it did not before: Rollup 2 did not substansively…