Thoughts on software complexity

If you’ve ever tried to create a software application of any decent size, you have probably realized that what works with small tools more often than not does not scale well to larger sizes.  There are whole books written about how to scale up and out, new languages and technologies invented to help manage it,…


Where’s Peter?

… working, working, working. That, in short, is why there have been no updates in so long.  Between my work schedule, family and renovation project I have not had much time to myself.  I have neglected my blog in favor of meatspace; sorry! When things settle down a bit, I’ll blog the drama a bit…

Media Center Technical Discussion 1: Tuners and TuningSpaces

The Media Center TV experience driven by a flexible, multi-standard engine that works with any compatible tuner (including a good number of analog tuner cards and all BDA digital tuner cards) to create portable recordings viewable on any Windows XP machine.  To support “trick play” on Live TV (Pause, FFWD, etc.), the video engine is…


Media Center Technical Discussion Series

One of the more popular subjects for users who email me is how to get Media Center to do something that cannot be done (or is hard to do) from the UI.  Since I have not been able to talk about my current work much (Windows Vista and unannounced other stuff) I am kicking off a…


VoodooPC’s 8TB Media Center PC

From Engadget: When we heard that VoodooPC was planning a media PC with 16 drive bays and a maximum capacity of 8 terabytes… [Read full posting on Engadget] Sounds pretty cool–maybe I’ll get one here to “test” with ^_^.


Tripod sings about romantic love

I saw this the other day… definitely worth a viewing. WARNING: If you have a girlfriend/wife/S.O. and you game a lot, you might want to put on headphones or suffer facial contortions and rolling eyes. HAHAHA


Using exported DLL functions

Now and then it’s necessary to use “private” or “internal-only” functions in DLLs that you did not write, don’t have the source for, and/or cannot get public interfaces for.  I recently had to do this again for a utility application, so I thought it would be nice to document the process a little more clearly…

Captioning Support Sucks

Looking back at the bugs we’ve fixed over the last several months, we certainly have had a good share of captioning issues, especially with regards to the size of the codebase compared to  the “video” code.  Surprisingly, we don’t hear from users a ton when captions don’t work properly, but maybe that’s because a minority of the users actually use them…


DVB Guide issues – "cannot schedule recoding because guide data cannot be accessed"

We have been getting reports about Guide problems from DVB users across Europe and the world, hopefully in time for the next Rollup release (external date not yet announced, but should be late Q1 to early Q2).  The problem typically manifests itself when scheduling many shows to record, but can occur anytime.  Without a code fix, you…