“Upgrade Your Parents Browser Weekend” Holiday To Become Obsolete?

Right after the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, I asked folks how their “Upgrade Your Parents Browser Weekend” went. The “upgrade your parents meme” started that weekend with a post from Alexis Madrigal at The Atlantic.  The notion being, when visiting our non-technical friends & family for the holidays, we have a moral obligation…


OneNote + SkyDrive + Windows Phone == Migraine Cure?!

I don’t watch TV that often. But when I do, it’s usually via a DVR where I skip through the commercials.  So, I’m normally oblivious to whatever the trendy ads are that people are talking about at the water cooler.  There’s one exception to my advertising avoidance:  Football.  The only ads I ever see on…


How Was “Upgrade Your Parents’ Browser Weekend” 2011?

It’s Monday after the big Thanksgiving holiday weekend here in the US.  You’re back at the grind, heads down in e-mail, and perhaps even some code.  All the usual manic Monday comments are flooding your social network feeds. The Boomtown Rats are ringing in your ears.  For many, it’s just going to be “one of…


My Journey To Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 was released to the world on Monday March 14, 2011.  I’m a user. Here’s my story as a user… It all started back in September 1997. Like 90+% of the people using the Internet back then, I was a Netscape user. There was the other browser from a company called Microsoft called…


Silverlight for Windows 7 Firestarter Series – Winter 2011

Happy New Year everyone! A new year, a news series of events to share with you!  Just got word that some of my teammates are going to be hosting a new series of Firestarter events up and down the east coast.  This series will be focused on building Silverlight applications for Windows 7. The first…


Add Windows 7 Features To Your App And Get More Eyes On It Via CNet

There’s been a lot of buzz going around about getting your app onto the new Windows Phone 7.  But what about good ol’ Windows 7 itself on your PC?  It just had its first birthday with 240 MILLION licenses sold!  That’s a LOT of eyeballs.  Well, I just heard about an offer that will help…


Enter the Codeproject.com “Windows @ Work” Contest & Win a HP Touchsmart Notebook

I’m not normally one to enter sweepstakes and stuff like that.  But I’m guessing this is one where with a little bit of decent documentation for work you may already be doing, you have a shot at winning a free laptop! The folks over at Codeproject are running a contest to see who can build…


Connected Show #20 – Whose Exception Is It?!

In this episode guest Milan Negovan talks about health monitoring in ASP.NET and what to do when things go wrong! (Starts at 24:47).  We cover different options on exception handling & instrumentation in web applications. Peter and Dmitry talk about Eclipse support for Windows 7, the Windows Azure Content Delivery Network, and other news stories….


MSDN “Metro” Roadshow – Fall 2009 Series

I’m happy to announce the upcoming Fall 2009 Series of the MSDN Roadshow events for the Tri-State area! Formerly known as ‘The MSDN Suburban Roadshow’, the team has changed its name to more accurately reflect where their travels are taking them these days. Join New York/New Jersey Developer Evangelist Peter Laudati and Asli Bilgin as…


Connected Show – Episode #12 – SQL Compact & WPC 09 News

In this episode Peter and guest co-host Dani Diaz start by discussing the World Wide Partner Conference, Windows 7, Office 2010, Azure Pricing, Windows Mobile Marketplace and much more! Then we jump into Dmitry’s Interview with Microsoft Program Manager Himadri Sarkar to discuss SQL Compact and how it brings a light database option to devices…