Visual Studio Live! NY Community Night – Wednesday 5/16/2012

Visual Studio Live! is going on this week on over in Brooklyn this week at the Brooklyn Marriott.  I posted about the event back in March.  It is a GREAT conference for .NET developers to keep up with the latest trends and technologies that make up the Microsoft developer platform.  While the conference itself does…


Visual Studio Live! in NYC: May 14-17, 2012 – User Group Discount Available!

Last month, I announced here that Visual Studio Live! is returning to New York on May 14-17th, 2012.  Andrew Brust, who is the co-leader of the NYC .NET Developers Group (and newly minted ZD-NET “Big Data” blogger), is one of the co-chairs of the Visual Studio Live! conference.  Andrew has just passed along a great…


Spring Forward with Windows 8 Developer Camps

On February 29th, the Windows 8 Consumer Preview was released to the world for everyone to try! Windows 8 represents an entirely new way of computing.  It is a new platform full of new opportunities (more on that in a bit). The first thing you’ll notice about Windows 8 is that it’s different.  VERY different. …


Visual Studio Live! Returning to NYC: May 14-17, 2012

  Some great news just in from Andrew Brust (co-leader of the NYC .NET Developers Group, Microsoft Regional Director, and newly minted ZD-NET “Big Data” blogger)… You guys know that I help lead the NYC .NET Developers Group, but you might not know that I am also the Conference Co-Chair for Visual Studio Live! Well,…


Connected Show #28 – It’s CodePlex dot COM!

In this episode, Microsoft’s own Sara Ford joins Peter to discuss her work on the open source software hosting platform. Sara dishes on how the team evolved the site over time using Agile methodologies, as well as her own journey from Visual Studio tipster to Silicon Valley Technology Evangelist. (Interview starts at 21:39)….


Visual Studio 2010 Launch & Roadshow Tour Events

April 12th marked the release of Visual Studio 2010 & .NET 4.  We’re celebrating with a series of national launch events, including one here in the tri-state metro area in Brooklyn on May 13th from 8:30 AM to 5 PM.  Rachel Appel, Bob Hunt, and I will be speaking at the launch event along with…


Connected Show #26 – The One About The News

In this episode Peter and Dmitry run solo to discuss the latest ‘buzz’ around the web, Jon Skeet jokes, marriage and other “developer” topics. Eventually the duo also covers hard news such as CodePlex updates, Visual Studio 2010 RC, Azure Platform updates, Moonlight and much more. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN! Show notes & resources Coming…


Connected Show #24 – Addicted to Spring.NET

In this episode, guest Mark Pollack joins Peter to discuss the Spring.NET application framework. In a world driven by POJOs and POCOs, Mark tells us about how he originally created Spring.NET for a team of Java developers to enable a similar development experience in .NET. Since then, the framework has grown from a simple IoC…


Connected Show #19 – User Experience: It Ain’t Lipstick Baby!

In this episode guest co-host and Interviewee Dave Crawford of Microsoft UK joins Dmitry to discuss News such as Windows 7, Windows Stores, ZuneHD development, Java Bridge, Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 and many more stories. Finally Dave tells us all about the User Experience project role, how development projects can benefit from it and…