“Upgrade Your Parents Browser Weekend” Holiday To Become Obsolete?

Right after the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, I asked folks how their “Upgrade Your Parents Browser Weekend” went. The “upgrade your parents meme” started that weekend with a post from Alexis Madrigal at The Atlantic.  The notion being, when visiting our non-technical friends & family for the holidays, we have a moral obligation…


How Was “Upgrade Your Parents’ Browser Weekend” 2011?

It’s Monday after the big Thanksgiving holiday weekend here in the US.  You’re back at the grind, heads down in e-mail, and perhaps even some code.  All the usual manic Monday comments are flooding your social network feeds. The Boomtown Rats are ringing in your ears.  For many, it’s just going to be “one of…


MSDN Events are visiting NY & NJ again!

After quite an exciting Heroes Happen Here Launch, MSDN Events are here again!  This quarter we have some tantalizing new content for you to enjoy, and my colleague Lindsay Rutter is kicking it off in a couple of weeks in New York City and Edison, New Jersey.  Due to some unresolved venue selection, our msdnevents.com…


Ed Bott Eliminates My Vista Pet Peeve

There’s been a lot of fuss about the User Account Control (UAC) feature in Windows Vista.  A recent story even made headlines when a Microsoft manager was quoted as saying Microsoft deliberately deigned UAC to "annoy users".  I’ve heard all the arguments for and against it.  However, I think UAC is one of the BEST…


Vista Security vs. iTunes

Last year at the AJAX Experience conference in Boston, all of the attendees received an iPod shuffle as part of the swag package.  I have four media players I rotate between: a Zune, the iPod shuffle, an iRiver T30, and an old Creative Nomad Zen.  I love the smaller flash devices because they are light-weight,…


Windows Vista - Six Month Security Check Up

Jeff Jones from the Microsoft Security team just released a six month Security Vulnerability Report for Windows Vista.  Not much to add here.  The numbers appear to speak for themselves.  I’ll be quite interested in seeing the 1 & 2 year report cards in the future too!


Rocket Dock and Switcher: Two Cool Add-Ons for Windows

Okay okay…  so for all those Windows users with Mac jealousy, now you can have the fancy icon bar with animations too.  Check out Rocket Dock.  It’s free, and it works well. http://www.punksoftware.com/rocketdock So far, so good.  My only complaint is that when a window is open, it appears only on the Windows status bar,…


Microsoft Shares Lessons Learned from the Animated Cursor Security Bug

Last month, a critical security bug was found in most versions of Windows.  This bug generated a lot of news because it was one of the first to impact Windows Vista. Over on the new Secure Development Lifecycle blog, Michael Howard discusses what the security team at Microsoft learned from this incident, and what the company is doing…


Vista Update for Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Available

I must have missed the final announcement on this one last month?  If you’re running Visual Studio 2005 SP1, the additional update needed to resolve some of the Vista compatibility issues is now available (it was in beta previously).  This is a separate and additional update for Visual Studio 2005 than SP1.  You must have SP1…


Cool Vista Mashup Applications

Via Scoble… Check out these cool mashup applications from Thirteen23 that take advantage of the Windows Presentation Foundation on Windows Vista.  These applications also work on Windows XP, but you’ll need to install the .NET 3.0 Framework first. The Nostalgia application lets you connect to Flickr and browse photos through really rich interface.  This application…