Vibrant Ink in Visual Studio

If you do any Silverlight development, you’ll likely end up spending a good deal of time switching between Expression Blend and Visual Studio.  Blend is the designer tool that lets you build the pretty XAML interfaces in a WYSIWYG mode.  The UI in Blend is distinctly different from Visual Studio, with mostly black backgrounds.  When…


And the code just keeps on coming…

First, the IronRuby bits hit on Monday.  Now, the beta 2 bits are out for Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET Framework 3.5 too.  Coming next week, the release candidate of Silverlight 1.0.  Get the rest of the story from Somasegar’s blog.  Get the juicy details over at Scott Gu’s blog. And most importantly, get the bits here!


IronRuby: First Look Code Now Available!

Congratulations to John Lam and all the folks on the IronRuby team.  They’ve just released the first public drop of the IronRuby source code.  Ruby on .NET is now a reality. For more info, see John’s post here. Get the bits here. Also, some more background and samples from Scott Guthrie here.


Live @Mix 07 Update 2

Scott Guthrie is up on stage giving the details of Silverlight. I’m not going to type this stuff up now so that I can listen.  All of these details will be available online.   You can still watch & listen to Scott live at I think the coolest part of this is a cross-platform version of…