Connected Show #15 – C# 4, It Ain’t THAT Complex!

In this episode, guest Jon Skeet joins Peter to discuss C# 4 in Depth.  Jon takes us deep into the guts of C# 4, including how the new dynamic features work. Guest host Glen Gordon joins Peter to discuss the Windows 7 API Code Pack, LINQ to Bing!, Unit Testing, and .NET Denial of Sleep…


Announcing ReMIX 07 Boston

ReMIX07 Boston – Monday-Tuesday, October 8-9, 2007 On the frontiers of the Web, boundaries are blurring—developers and designers, advertisers and publishers, software and services, media and technology, TV and PCs, PCs and mobile devices, producers and consumers. The old order is getting a little MIXed up. MIX 07 took place in Las Vegas as a…


IronRuby: First Look Code Now Available!

Congratulations to John Lam and all the folks on the IronRuby team.  They’ve just released the first public drop of the IronRuby source code.  Ruby on .NET is now a reality. For more info, see John’s post here. Get the bits here. Also, some more background and samples from Scott Guthrie here.


Live @Mix 07 Update 2

Scott Guthrie is up on stage giving the details of Silverlight. I’m not going to type this stuff up now so that I can listen.  All of these details will be available online.   You can still watch & listen to Scott live at I think the coolest part of this is a cross-platform version of…