It’s “Unofficial .NET Week” in NYC This Week

Through a combination of the weeks aligning and some schedule shifting for the holidays, all three of the NYC .NET developer focused groups are meeting this week!  Each night promises different discussions and different topics.  If you’re in the city, be sure to stop by one evening and say “Hello”! Tuesday 12/15 – NYC .NET…


Connected Show – Episode #11 – JNBridge: Spanning Java & .NET

  In this episode Dmitry and Peter talk about new product releases including Silverlight 3 and Blend 3 RC, people liking Bing?, Project Morro, Chrome OS and Microsoft’s recent Mono announcement. Finally we jump into our interview with Wayne Citrin who talks about connecting Java and .NET applications using JNBridge. Wayne explains the magic of…


Connected Show Episode #8: Project Stonehenge – Java & .NET Interoperability

Via Dmitry Lyalin’s blog… In this episode we start by talking to Andrew Brust on Microsoft’s move to kill the Oracle Data Provider and how the world is not coming to an end. Then, Peter and I talk again about his trip to JavaOne including HTML 5 vs. RIA applications (like Silverlight). Finally, we jump…


IronRuby: First Look Code Now Available!

Congratulations to John Lam and all the folks on the IronRuby team.  They’ve just released the first public drop of the IronRuby source code.  Ruby on .NET is now a reality. For more info, see John’s post here. Get the bits here. Also, some more background and samples from Scott Guthrie here.


.NET Stock Trader

There’s a new .NET reference application out from Microsoft that showcases both interoperability with the Java platform and scalability on the .NET platform.  The application is called .NET Stock Trader and it was built by Greg Leake and his team at Microsoft.  I had consulted Greg for information back when I was working on the…


Shaking out the Innovation

There’s been a lot of talk going on in the Microsoft community (here, here, here, and here) lately about agile development and whether or not Microsoft “gets it”.  Some of this was triggered by a recent post from Martin Fowler on Ruby and Microsoft.  After speculating on what direction Microsoft might take with its upcoming IronRuby…


VS Express Beginner Developer Content

There’s a new site for newbies to go to: If you’re new to programming and looking to learn how to build Web or Windows applications, check it out!  And the best part I can tell about it so far is that you don’t need to register for the site with a passport to download…


.NET 1.1 or 2.0 to .NET 3.0 Migration

A while back, I wrote about migrating from .NET 1.1 to .NET 2.0.  I wrote that post almost a year ago, but it is still one of my highest traffic posts to this date.  Well, it’s been a good 6 months now since .NET 3.0 has been on the scene, yet I haven’t written anything about migrating…


John Lam Talks About the Dynamic Language Runtime with John Udell

Last week Mary Jo Foley hinted at it.  (She must have good sources!)  Now the news is out about the Dynamic Language Runtime for .NET. John Udell has just posted a podcast with John Lam from the Dynamic Languages team at Microsoft that they recorded last week.  John Lam was the creator of RubyCLR before…


.NET? What is that?

This is not a question I hear often from folks who develop on the Microsoft platform. (.NET is often what they eat, breathe, and sleep on.)  However, it’s very common for me to hear this from developers who aren’t familiar with Microsoft’s development platform.  This includes Java folks, PHP folks, etc.  Sometimes it’s hard to forget that…