Fear of Public Speaking >= Fear of Death?!

When I arrived at the BOF meeting at the N3UG last night, Miguel was doing his best to try and recruit some volunteers to speak at the upcoming NJ code camp.  Miguel asked the group if anyone would be interested in speaking.  Not a single hand went up.  Well, an ice breaker was probably needed…


N3UG Birds Of a Feather Q&A

Last night, when I showed up at the Northern Jersey UG, it turned out that the featured speaker wasn’t able to make it.  It was virtually a full house at Set Focus (home of the N3UG).  By the time I got there after fighting the Jersey traffic, I found Miguel Castro leading the group in…


Northern NJ .NET User Group meeting TONIGHT! May 9th

Tonight is the next meeting of the Northern NJ .NET user group  (aka N3UG).  N3UG meets at the SetFocus facility in Parsippany, NJ.  Tonight’s speaker will be Andrew Brust from 26NY (formerly Citigate Hudson).  What’s so good about SQL Server 2005 OLAP?SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services, with its Unified Dimensional Model, has turbo-charged its OLAP capabilities. OLAP…


Come any closer, and I’ll go slower!!!

This is great!  Now there is finally relief from the stresses of driving in Jersey! (or any other area where there is a lot of traffic.)  I’ve been dreaming of having this type of functionality in my car since the day I got my license.  Now, if they can only figure out how to project…


Microsoft Security Summit 2006 – NYC – Coming Monday May 8th

Microsoft has been running a series of free Security Summits across the country.  The New York City one is coming up on Monday the 8th.  I’ll be speaking at one of the developer track sessions.  Come on out and say hello!   Security is a top priority for you and a top priority for Microsoft. Join…


Building Cutting-Edge Web Solutions with Visual Studio 2005 & ASP.NET 2.0

Thanks to all that attended the session last week at the Financial Developers Conference. Session Description: ASP.NET 2.0’s numerous new features can be grouped into three categories: new controls (more than 50 in all), new features in the page framework, and new services. In addition, myriad enhancements have been made to existing controls and services….


Developing Applications using Microsoft Speech Server and .NET

Thanks to everyone that attended the sessions two weeks ago in NYC on developing applications with Speech Server. It had to wait until I got my new blog started up, but as promised, here are the sessions’ materials and samples for download. Other important URL’s from the day Speech Server Home Speech Server SDK Speech…


Check? check? 1 – 2 – 3… Hello world! Is this thing on?

(oh wait!  This is a blog, not a podcast! J)   Well, there…  I’ve finally gone and done it!  I just officially entered the blogosphere!  Phew… now that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  Just a few strokes at the keyboard and I’m in!   Thanks for stopping by and welcome to…