Wade Wegner on Managing Concurrency with Multiple Instances: May 2nd, 2012 @ the NJ Windows Azure User Group

Last month, the NJ Windows Azure User Group had a great presentation from Jim Priestley on migrating a real world e-commerce site to Azure.  Jim shared his experiences and lessons learned migrating PLCCenter.com to the cloud.  There was a lot of insight regarding performance of SQL Azure and running an ASP.NET MVC site in the Azure compute environment.  This month, the group is keeping the momentum going with another great speaker!

Next Wednesday, on May 2nd, Wade Wegner will be in town.  Wade was on the Windows Azure team at Microsoft in Redmond. He recently joined Aditi as their CTO. Wade will be on the east coast next week doing some work for his new company and agreed to make it to the user group on Wednesday night.  You won’t want to miss this meeting as you’ll be speaking with a person who has plenty of inside knowledge on Windows Azure!  Here’s Wade’s abstract from the NJ Windows Azure User Group website:

Managing Concurrency with Multiple Instances in Windows Azure

WadeWegnerOne of the basic challenges in dealing with multiple instances in Windows Azure is managing concurrency. For example, consider a scenario where you need to keep an accurate count at scale. With many simultaneous requests coming to many role instances all updating the same number, the difficulty arises in making sure that number is correct and that the writers don’t spend a lot of time retrying after concurrency failures.

Join Wade Wegner, CTO at Aditi Technologies and former Director of Windows Azure Technical Evangelism at Microsoft, as he talks through this problem and provides a solution for managing concurrency across multiple role instances in Windows Azure.

Wade Wegner


Wade is currently the CTO at Aditi Technologies, where he is responsible for driving Aditi’s technical strategy and ensuring continuous innovation on behalf of its customers. Prior to joining Aditi, Wade held several roles in Microsoft, most recently leading Technical Evangelism for Windows Azure.

Microsoft Office - 101 Wood Ave S, Iselin, NJ 08830

Want to join us next Wednesday?  Then register here:


Date: Wednesday, April 4, 2012
Time: 6:30pm

Microsoft NJ Office
101 Wood Ave South, 9th Floor
Iselin, NJ 08830

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