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AndrewBrustYesterday, I posted about Visual Studio Live! and the new discount offer available from Andrew Brust.  Today, I wanted to let folks know about one of Andrew’s newest adventures.  Many folks here in the New York metro area know Andrew Brust as the co-leader of the NYC .NET Developers Group.  Andrew started that group a long long time ago with Stephen Forte and Bill Zack.  Andrew is also the leader of the NYC MS Business Intelligence User Group.  He’s known throughout the greater Microsoft community in the US via his participation in Microsoft’s Regional Director program.

For those of us into cloud computing (like myself), there’s been a lot of buzz and focus around the emerging technologies of “Big Data”.  What is “Big Data”?  Well, besides being the latest buzz word (like “Web 2.0” or “SOA”), it generally is a reference to managing and making sense of large quantities of non-relational data.  If you follow technologies like NoSQL data stores (Azure Table storage, MongoDB, Cassandra, etc) and Hadoop, then you already know what “Big Data” is all about.

Andrew has always had a focus on data-related technologies, especially around data analysis and business intelligence. It seems only natural that “Big Data” would be a hot topic that gets his technology passion going.  I’m happy to share that Andrew is now authoring the new “Big on Data” blog at ZD-NetAndrew is now part of a team of well-known and respected technology bloggers including Mary Jo Foley, Larry Dignan, Jason Perlow, and Ed Bott amongst many others.


For keeping up with the latest trends around Big Data, I recommend Andrew’s new blog:

Big on Data @ ZDNET

Formal bio for Andrew:

Andrew J. Brust has worked in the software industry for 25 years as a developer, consultant, entrepreneur and CTO, specializing in application development, databases and business intelligence technology. He has been a developer magazine columnist and conference speaker since the mid-90s, and a technology book writer and blogger since 2005. Andrew is also Founder and CEO of Blue Badge Insights, an analysis, strategy and advisory firm serving Microsoft customers and partners.

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