Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8

Windows8LogoBack when Windows 8 was announced at the //build conference in September 2011, the Windows Azure team released a Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8 to make it easy for developers to create Windows Metro Style applications that can harness the power of Windows Azure.  Earlier this week, they announced a refreshed update that works with the newly released Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

In the past week or so, I’ve posted twice about Windows 8 and the new opportunities it will offer to build apps that target the new Metro interface and the Windows Store.  The PC, the phone and an expanding number of smart devices have created diverse computing scenarios for millions of users and an unparalleled target audience for developers to reach. More consumers and business users have more devices and more device types, while each device keeps getting more powerful. 

What makes the apps that these devices run so powerful and useful to their users?  The cloud!  These devices, combined with back-end cloud services, create opportunities for developers to build new application scenarios that haven’t even been thought of yet!

Of course, one of the most anticipated device experiences today is Windows 8, which recently reached the Windows 8 Consumer Preview milestone. Many folks are downloading the preview and developers are having a go at building new Metro Style apps experiences.

azureLogo125Now with the new Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8, you can have a go too at cloud-enabling your application experiences!

Nick Harris and Wade Wegner from the Windows Azure team just recorded a new video demonstration here with the refreshed bits. Give it a view for a quick overview of what the toolkit helps you with.

In just minutes, developers can download working code samples that use Windows Azure and the Windows Push Notification Service to send Toast, Tile and Badge notifications to a Windows 8 Metro Style application.

The core features of the toolkit include:

  • Automated Install that scripts all dependencies.
  • Project Templates, such as Windows 8 Metro Style app project templates, in both XAML/C# and HTML5/JavaScript with a supporting C# Windows Azure Project for Visual Studio 2010.
  • NuGet Packages for Push Notifications and the Sample ACS scenarios.  You can find the packages here and full source in the toolkit under /Libraries.
  • Five App Samples that demonstrate ways Windows 8 Metro Style apps can use Azure-based ACS and Push Notifications
  • Documentation – Extensive documentation including install, file new project walkthrough, samples and deployment to Windows Azure.

Give the toolkit a spin and kick the tires today:

Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8

And while you’re at it, remember to kick the tires on Windows Azure with a 90-day FREE trial!

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