Windows 8 Consumer Preview: “How To” Find Your Cheese Series

Windows8LogoBy now, hopefully you are aware that the Windows 8 Consumer Preview was released on February 29th, 2012.  If you haven’t given a spin, you should.  (Scott Hanselman has a great guide for installing it in an isolated VHD so you don’t mess up your existing OS install.) 

Windows 8 represents an entirely new way of computing.  It is a new platform full of new opportunities.

The first thing you’ll notice about Windows 8 is that it’s different.  VERY different.  It’s the most radical overhaul to the Windows user interface since Windows 95 introduced the Start menu and taskbar.  Much of this change is exciting.  It will make doing various tasks easier, especially if you’re using a touchscreen device.

However, we humans as a species don’t like change.  A few of us don’t mind it, but many get really upset over minor things.  I think most folks know the joy of their Facebook newsfeeds flooded with “Who moved my cheese?!” posts every time Facebook tweaks their layout.  (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, see this funny comic by The Oatmeal.)

The new cheese…


I don’t mind my cheese getting moved every now and then.  I think it’s good to keep our brains fresh.  But, if you are the type that gets all bent out of sorts when your cheese is moved, I have just what the doctor ordered!  (Doctor Z, that is!)

My colleague Zhiming Xue (a.k.a. “Doctor Z”) has just published an excellent series of “How To” posts for Windows 8.  These posts are like a roadmap to help you find your cheese in the new world that is the “Metro” user experience of Windows 8.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Power User How To Series

Definitely bookmark this one for later reference folks (I know I am)!

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