New Windows Phone Development Book From Shawn Wildermuth

Saw this in my Twitter feed this morning and thought I’d share wider here on my blog…

Shawn Wildermuth has just published a book on Windows Phone development.  According to Shawn’s post this morning, “Essential Windows Phone 7.5” is now available in eBook form for the Kindle.  Physical books will shipping later this month in December.

If you don’t know Shawn, he’s been doing Silverlight development and training since before Silverlight even came out. (I know… because he taught me!) His most excellent “Silverlight Tours” have gone around the globe.  More on Shawn from his online bio:

Shawn Wildermuth is a Microsoft MVP (C#), member of the INETA Speaker's Bureau and an author of six books about .NET. Shawn is involved with Microsoft as a Silverlight Insiders, Data Insiders and Windows Phone 7 Insiders. He has been seen speaking at a variety of international conferences including SDC, VSLive, WinDev, MIX, DevTeach and DevReach. Shawn has written dozens of articles for a variety of magazines and websites including MSDN, DevSource, InformIT, CoDe Magazine, ServerSide.NET and MSDN Online. He has over twenty years of software development regularly blogs about a range of topics including Silverlight, WP7, Databases, XML and web services on his blog ( He is currently teaching workshops around the country through his training company AgiliTrain (

I haven’t had a chance to get a copy myself yet, but knowing Shawn, I’m sure this will be a great resource for Windows Phone developers to have handy.

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