Windows Phone In New York City – Monday 11-7-2011


Herald Square - New York City

If you’re going to be in New York City on Monday, November 7, you might not want to miss this BIG event! To celebrate the launch of the new Windows Phone, Microsoft is hosting an event to showcase what it means for a phone to put people first.

We’ll be bringing the Windows Phone experience to life through a unique entertainment experience in the middle of Herald Square in New York starting at noon 9:30am. What, you ask, will that “unique entertainment experience” be? You’ll have to be there, in the Square, to find out!   (Hint: It’s gonna be BIG!)

I’ll be there with a bunch of my Microsoft colleagues, hope to see everyone there.

There’s no registration or even a link of any sort.  Remember…  just show up in Herald Square.  12 noon Anytime after 9:30am on Monday November, 7th.  Be there or be square.  Enjoy!

PS: Yes, I know this post is a total tease. Just trust me.

[Update: Come by anytime after 9:30am!  I'll be there at 10am]

Comments (6)

  1. @binaryred - Fernando says:

    I'll try to sneak by I have a client that day.


  2. noel says:

    hugges and kiss from Penquin on the Silicon Valley – thanks Pete – Nokia Dev Party was great summer 2011 –

  3. Tim Acheson says:

    Wish I could be there for this! Sadly, I'm in London. 🙁

  4. Jamie says:

    we're dying out here, that is, those of us on sprint and verizon.  When are we going to see our new phones?

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