NYC GiveCamp 2011: What an Event!

GiveCampLogoLast weekend was the first NYC GiveCamp. It was part of a National GiveCamp weekend where in 14 US cities, teams of designers, developers and database administrators donated their time and expertise to complete an IT project – usually custom software or a new website – to benefit a charity in their community. It was an event that takes a lot of work, time and commitment, and relies on volunteers to organize.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to participate in this amazing event.  However, my teammate Rachel Appel was very involved, along with a cast of many other local folks who dedicated their weekend to this great cause.  Rachel has just posted a ‘wrap-up’ of the event on her blog.  I thought it was worth sharing here and pointing you folks to go read it.


I hope to be able to participate in this type of event next year if it comes together again!

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