Developing for Windows Phone 7: From Concept to Marketplace

DmitryHeadshot2Dmitry Lyalin, my co-host on the Connected Show, recently developed a Windows Phone 7 application for Leo Laporte’s This Week In Tech (TWiT) network. The application recently reached as high as #2 on the Top Rated Apps list in the marketplace!

Dmitry spoke at the January 2011 meeting of the New York City Silverlight Meetup about his experience developing this application.  Dmitry walked folks through the phone tool experience, how he developed the TWiT application, and the challenges he faced.

Revealed in his talk were several tips, tricks, and "gotchas" every Windows Phone developer will want to know about.

Luckily for you, we were able to record this presentation and make it available for your viewing pleasure on Channel 9!

Who is Dmitry Lyalin?

Dmitry has been working with Microsoft Technologies for almost 10 years with a variety of companies and titles. As of February 2008 Dmitry joined Microsoft Consulting Services as a Consultant. In this role Dmitry works in the NY/Metro area and across the country to help various customers implement Microsoft Frameworks and Systems efficiently.

You can read his blog at  He co-hosts the Connected Show podcast, which features topics on cloud technology and connecting Microsoft technology with non-Microsoft technolgy.

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