Connected Show #33 – Dmitry’s Soapbox

connectedGuest_33 connectedShow_HalfSize In this episode, guest host Andrew Brust is back again, joining Dmitry & I to talk about all of the tech news from Microsoft’s Wordwide Partner Conference in Washington, DC. The trio talks about WebMatrix, Internet Explorer 9 Preview 3, Windows Phone 7, and the newly announced Windows Azure Appliance.

A raging Dmitry also shares his poppin’ passion for HTML5.


Show Notes & Resources

Items Discussed During Episode #33

WebMatrix Stuff:

“The Gu” Gives A New Web Toolset In 4 Days…

IE9 Dev Preview 3 Stuff:

Interop News:

Conference News:

Windows Phone 7 Stuff:

Azure Stuff:

Andrew Brust Stuff:

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